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catholicWhy the Russians Conceived the Global Warming Scam
Saving the earth through a green Socialism...

catholicFinal Goals of the Declaration on Animal Rights - Part 5
A monstrous industrial civilization or the extinction of mankind

catholicToday’s Over-Protection of Animals -  Rights of Animals Part 4
Motivated by a revolutionary revolt against pain

catholicValues Inverted between Man & Animals - Rights of Animals Part 3
The life of every animal must be protected by man

catholicIt Is Not a Crime to Kill Animals - Rights of Animals Part 2
UNESCO falsely affirms the right to life of animals

catholicThere Is No Equality between Man & Animals - Rigts of Animals Part 1
Setting Catholic premises for analyzing UNESCO's Rights of Animals

catholicObama Celebrates Slave Labor Day in Red China
Rights for fish & a phony climate Accord

catholicThe Red Guards Are Green
Pushing Communism through climate change and curriculum

catholicParis 2015 Conference: ‘The Planet Is in Crisis’
The same failed predictions have been repeated for the last eight years

catholic Extremist ‘Warmist’ Advisors for the Pope's Encyclical
An unholy alliance with the UN global warming agenda

catholicNASA Group Warns Pope Francis on His Encyclcal
Apollo scientists assert that global warming is unproven

catholic Who Is Inspiring Francis on Ecology?
Liberation Theology leaders called to help write his Encyclical

catholic Top Scientists Start to Examine Fiddled Global Warming Figures
Scholars putting to rest lack of seriousness of climate change propaganda

catholic Do Not Throw the Bread of Children to Dogs
Intimacy with animals is degrading to humans

catholic Who Am I to Judge Your Carbon Footprint? - Part 1
Francis steps into the global warming debate on the wrong side

catholic Lack of Scientific Evidence for Climate Change - Part 2
Global warming propaganda benefits the communist agenda

catholic Rations, Fines & Big Brother Surveillance - Part 3
World media, grant foundations and pope promote Climate Change

catholicRecord CO2 & Record-Breaking Crops Disprove Global Warning
Data show a greening of the globe

catholicDo Pets Go to Heaven?
They have no conditions to enjoy Heaven

catholicGlobal Warming Scare Declared Over - Part 1
Au contraire, scientists recognize a period of global cooling

catholicGlobal Warming Scare Declared Over - Part 2
Scientists reveal data that demolish the myth

catholicAgain! Massive Fudging on Global-Warming Temps
More data showing fraud by global warming advocates

catholic Gore's Forecasted of ‘Ice-Free’ Arctic by 2013 Collapses
Instead the Arctic ice cover expands 50%

catholic Climate Scientist Predicts 20 More Years of Global Cooling
Dr. Don Easterbrook proves global warning is a complete fiasco

catholic ‘No Global Warming for 16 Years’ - Part 1
No significant sea level changes since 1993

catholic No Global Warming for 16 Years’ - Part 2
Skewing data to favor global warning

catholic‘No Global Warming for 16 Years’ - Part 3
Climategate: Tailored data to fit the global warming agenda

catholic‘No Global Warming for 16 Years’ - Part 4
Global warming storyline suits Marxism

catholicAl Gore's Climatological ‘Meltdown’
His profanities against those who disagree with global warning

catholicEverything in Nature Speaks of God and His Moral Law
The lessons man can find in the serpent, the falcon and the vulture

catholicThe Green-Buddhist Language of the Holy See
The Vatican congratulates Buddhists on the ‘feast’ of Vesakh

catholicInternational Mother Earth Day: Tribalism, Marxism & Pantheism
Know about the new Declaration on Earth Rights

catholicDon't Kiss Animals
Doing so degrades a man to the level of an animal

catholicClimate Change Calls for a Reengineering of Religions
Prince Philip hosts ecological-religious preparation for Copenhagen talks

catholicTribalism or Self-Management: the Next Step after Communism
The Green Movement promotes a more radical egalitarianism

catholicMother Earth Day
Liberation Theology leaders manipulating the ecological agenda

catholicHow Man Should Act over His Natural Environment
Criteria to consider in developing land preserving God's plan for nature

catholicErroneous Arguments on Global Warming
31,000 scientists reject the alleged harm caused by carbon dioxide

catholicEcology: The New Ideal for Religious Orders
Under the pretext of saving the poor, Liberation Theology sprouts again

catholicProgressivism Is Becoming Green
Pope and Bishops enter a new ecological game

catholicThe Hermeneutics of Watermelons
Pope leads Church's first ecofriendly youth-fest in Loreto

catholicHumanizing Animals
Arguments on the Catholic position about animals

catholicAre Ducks Animals or Divinities? A Violent Face of the Green Movement
The lunacy of the eco-terrorism, which pretends animals should not be eaten

catholicYou Should Have Compassion for Ducks
A covert eco-terroist explodes over our position on animals

catholicAmerica’s Broken Psyche
Intolerance for killing ducks ... tolerance for killing babies

catholicAnimals Rights Gone Wild
A reader responds to the eco-terroist on animals

catholicHeated Reactions on Animals
Readers offer input on the correct position on animals

catholicThe Way America Eats: A New Tendency Sprouts
Leaving aside processed food, and starting to enjoy organic fresh food once again

catholicQuestions on Ecology
The behind-the-scene of ecology - Good and bad

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