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More Photos from the Collection Celebration

We continue today to post more photos of the event celebrating the publication of all 11 volumes of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

Friends present at that homage to Atila Sinke Guimaraes have sent us photos, what allow us to give our readers a more emcompassing view of those present at the Summit House Ballroom on Sunday, January 22.

Videos of the talks along with their respective scripts will be posted tomorrow on a new page that will show readers many aspects of this Collection.


From the left, first row, seating or keelilng: Prof. Remi Amelunxen, Mrs. Thelma Escaro, financial adviser Donald Meccia, Mrs. Chris Frontino, Mrs. Zenai Adajar; second row, standing: Mrs. Gaylene Schroader, Dr. Marian Horvat, Mrs. Diane Hamilton, Mrs. Gigi Kurtz, Judge Michael Kurtz, Mrs. Yolanda Isley, Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami, Fr. Joseph Colletti


From the left, Mrs. Antonina Quintana, Sister Marie Augustine, a waitress, Mrs. Kathleen Sweeney, Miss Kerri Dillon


Foreground left, software engineer Jason Runkle with sommelier Collin Hubbard; background left, construction engineer William Dettman converses with entrepreneur Michael Croisette


From the left, Mrs. Patti Meccia with Mrs. Gigi Kurtz; Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami, organizer of the event, with the Author


From the left, Mrs. Bonnie Pleier; Mrs. Gaylene Schroader talks with Mrs. Linda Figueroa; Mrs. Laura Cote


Foreground left, businessman David Yue and his wife Amy Odou Yue with Mr. Collin Hubbard; background left, Miss Serene Cuenco


Real estate agent Miss Kerri Dillon with Dr. Marian Horvat with the picture of Our Lady of the Miracle, Patroness of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani


From the left, entrepreneur Chris Isley; Dr. Pamela Dettman, businessman Monte Cote; journalist Homer Sweeney


Mrs. Judy Mead with Mrs. Lyn Miller


Atila Guimarães with Sheriff Michael Saint Amand and his son Nathan


From the left, Persian oil distributor Kourosh Emami, eletronic engineer Bruce De Witt & businessman David Mericle


Businessman Cesar Quintana, his wife Antonina & Mrs. Raquel Garcia


From the left, photo 1: lawyer Jackson Eskew, musician Rene Widman, (background) Miss Alexis Reyes, Mrs. Rita Jakel, Mr. Jason Rishel, (foreground) Miss Serene Cuenco; photo 2: Dr. Joseph Shaara, lawyer Joseph De Clue; photo 3: Dr. William Mitchell, Mrs. Laura Cote, Mrs. Catherine Croisette, Mrs. Betty Mitchell


From the left, writer Anthony J. West, Fr. Joseph Colletti, Mr. Patrick Odou, office manager Jason Magat, Mr. William Dettman & Mr. Jason Rishel


Mr. Rene Widman with Atila Guimarães; background left, Mr. Nathan Saint Amand, right, Mrs. Linda Mericle


Above, four overviews of the event in the Grand Ballroom with some of the 90 guests present

Posted February 3, 2017

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