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Christmas Greetings 2016 

The glorification of the Divine Infant by the Three Wise Men, represented in this picture, evokes Christmas, but also His glorification in the Reign of Mary, predicted at Fatima.

Indeed, for God to receive all the glory He planned when He decided to create man a new period of History is necessary. Only after an era in which all men will be converted and profess the one and true Faith inside the Catholic Church, will Creation achieve its goal and History can end.

On the eve of 2017, the year when the 100th anniversary of Fatima will be commemorated, our thoughts are directed to the promise of Our Lady's triumph. Such a triumph, however, should only come after a great purification of mankind through an enormous chastisement.

It is in the perspective of these great events the chastisement and her Reign that TIA sends its best wishes of Christmas and the New Year to our readers and their families.

December 2016

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A Christmas Request

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