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Creatio, Volume IX of the Collection

Eli, Eli Lamma Sabacthani? offers four main

benefits to its readers.

First, Atila Sinke Guimarães attacks two
critical pillars of Vatican II’s Progressivism:
Evolutionism and Historicism.

Second, the author offers a singular historic
overview of how the modernist-progressivist
doctrines were able to progress from Leo XIII
until Vatican II.

Third, he provides one of the best syntheses
of Evolutionism’s scientific errors that can be
found today: short, objective and devastating.

Fourth, to invalidate progressivist Histori-
cism, Guimarães sets out an ensemble of
Catholic principles and laws that allows his
reader to discern and judge History from the
highest perspectives.

Each one of these benefits should be enough
to make this Volume an acclaimed work. Al-
together, it provides the reader with a formi-
dable weapon to tackle the progressivist er-

A milestone in the fight against Evolutionism
& Historicism in the Church

272 pp. (A-33) $20
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