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Be sure you have all 10 published volumes of
the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

(My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?)

by Atila S. GuimarĂ£es

In the Murky Waters of Vatican II
Edition A book that broke the myth of

Vatican II! In 1997 when it was

first published, no one dared

to disagree publicly with the

Council. Know how ambiguity

in the official texts of Vatican

II opened the door for progres-

sivist interpretations. How Pro-

gressivism installed itself in

the Catholic Church.

The classic on Vatican II

396 pp. (A-1) $20

Volume 1

Animus Injuriandi I

(Desire to Offend I)

GuimarĂ£es begins to investigate
the spirit of the Council. He ex-
amines actual conciliar docu-
ments, key pronouncements by
Popes and leading post-conciliar
Prelates and theologians. They
insult her militant past, monar-
chical structure, stable dogmas,
coherent morals and solemn lit-
urgy. Many outrageous theories
are analyzed.


390 pp. (A-27) $20
Volume 2

Animus Injuriandi II

(Desire to Offend II)

2 Volume 3 After Vatican II, a massive tide
of insults rose against the Faith
as always taught. Progressivists
felt free to insult the past Faith,
its dogmas, sources and sacra-
ments. The reader is offered an
appalling list of such offenses
as an expression of the spirit of
the Council.

A heartbreaking read

349 pp. (A-28) $20
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