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Animus Delendi I
(Desire to Destroy I)

The bad fruits of Vatican II and
disastrous changes in the face
of Holy Mother Church are not
happening by chance. This vol-
ume presents the plan of self-
destruction as designed and
executed by progressivist theo-
logians and high-ranking eccle-
siastics. The author shows that
hidden behind the spirit of the
Council lies a desire to destroy.

Powerful Volume 4

502 pp. (A-5) $20

Animus Delendi II
(Desire to Destroy II)

Volume 5 Don’t be fooled. Know about
these two important maneuvers
coming from Vatican II that today
are misleading well-intentioned
Catholics: Secularization & Ecu-
menism. Secularization is moving
toward a trans-socialist structure
to replace the State; Ecumenism
toward a Pan-religion. One of
the most important volumes to
understand the revolution in the

An eye-opener

384 pp. (A-12) $20

Will He Find Faith?
(Inveniet Fidem?)

Guimarães examines the fruits Volume 6
of Vatican II, demonstrating a
systematic attack against the
Faith. Before the Council, the
Faith was an objective ensemble
of truths. Now it is subjective.
Then it was absolute. Now it is
relative. Before, it was universal,
valid for all, everywhere and al-
ways. Today, it is valid only for
particular situations. It used to be
expressed in immutable dogmas.
Now it is adaptable to History.


384 pp. (A-20) $20

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