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Other volumes of the the Collection on Vatican II
by Atila Sinke Guimarães

Destructio Dei

(Destruction of God)

Volume 7 How is God - as Absolute, Tran-
scendent and Personal - being
denied today? Read this Volume
to find out.
Nothing can be more important
than the notion that we have of
God, since the whole idea of
adoring the One who creates &
maintains each thing in its be-
ing is the most basic concept of
Religion. See how the progres-
sivists are changing this notion.


406 pp. (A-29) $20

Fumus Satanae

(The Smoke of Satan)

An Eternal Feminine, a Christ
existing before time, an an-
drogynous Adam, a sin com-
mitted inside the Trinity, an
Eternal Redemption: These
and other strange topics are set
forth and examined. The result:
A clear analysis & shocking
exposé showing that Progres-
sivism is the synthesis not only
of all the heresies, but also of
the errors of Gnosis and the

A pearl of the Collection Volume 8

400 pp. (A-32) $20


(The Church)

Many people talk about the
Church as Mystery, People of
God, Pilgrim Church and Sin-
ner Church without explaining
what these expressions mean.
Read Ecclesia to understand
them, as well as how they serve
the purpose of changing the
face of Holy Mother Church.

Volume 11 Lucid and encompassing

4 320 pp. (A-24) $20
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