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The Resistance - “A shot heard around the world”

We Resist You to the Face

Atila Guimarães, Michael Matt, John Vennari & Marian Horvat

You’ve heard about it. If you
haven’t read it, now is the time.
Polite, but frank. Respectful, but
firm. The best synthesis yet writ-
ten of the post-Council doctrines
and reforms. The Catholic decla-
ration of resistance to the teach-
ings opposed to the perennial
Magisterium, plus 9 articles by
the signers.
168 pp. (A-4)

Increasingly timely $10

An Urgent Plea: Do Not
Change the Papacy

The four authors of We Resist You

to the Face examine the progres-

sivist plan to change the Papacy

to make it agreeable to Protes-

tants and Schismatics. This work

exposes the progressivist plans

to change the Papacy and shows

why they are against Catholic

doctrine. Many illustrations.

96 pp. (A-6) $7

A crucial issue!

Petrine Primacy Challenged

Guimarães analyzes three important progressivist docu-

ments on the reform of the Papacy: 1. The 1996 Oxford

lecture of Archbishop Quinn; 2. Quinn’s book The Re-

form of the Papacy; 3. Russell Shaw’s Papal Primacy in

the Third Millenium. $6
Booklet 47 pp. (B-5)

More on the Resistance

Spotlight on the Resistance

Guimarães explains the position of resistance as one of loyalty

to the Church. Exposes enemy tactics, refutes accusations, lays

out a plan for the future fight. CD (C-6) $6

How to Stop the Conciliar Revolution

Guimarães shows the enemy’s weak points and our strength.

CD (C-13) $6

Resistance vs. Sede-Vacantism

Matt and Guimarães respond to critics, explaining why sede-

vacantism is not a viable solution. $4
Booklet 19 pp. (B-4)

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