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Quo Vadis, Petre?
(Where Are You Going, Peter?)

Atila Sinke Guimarăes

Confused about recent events?
A common martyrology? A Pope at the Wailing Wall? Apologies for the Church?
Read this timely work!
A special edition to the Collection, Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

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In a slim, easy-to-read volume, Guimaraes expounded the ecumenical actions planned for the Millennium. An invaluable chapter cites the traditional papal condemnations of ecumenism. An impressive list of quotes from representatives of various world religions show ecumenism's continued failure.

A respectful address to the Holy Father asking him to explain the contradictions between the present day Vatican ecumenism and the perennial teaching of the Holy Church.

Format: Paperback, 110 pp.
Publication date: 1999

Table of Contents

Readers Comments

A special interview with the author on the book Quo Vadis, Petre? and the events of the Millennium

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Tradition in Action

Some Items from the Table of Contents:

  • A Panreligious Meeting in Rome.
  • A Common Martyrology.
  • Trip to Ur, Palestine, Israel, and Sinai.
  • A common declaration of "faith" in Ur, or on the top of Mount Sinai.
  • Requests for Pardon.
  • Catholic Doctrine and Ecumenism.
  • Islam Advances - By Peaceful or Violent Means.
  • Characteristic Notes of the Judaic Establishment: Intransigence and Arrogance Toward the Church.

  • Tradition in Action

    Comments of Readers:

    "A unique study. A courageous position. A clarifying stance. A masterful and very necessary analysis in the inimitable style of Atila Sinke Guimarăes."
    — Fr. Malachi Martin

    "The author deserves high commendation for his careful presentation, for which one can only wish the widest possible diffusion, so that the desired explanation be prompt, unequivocal and decisive."
    — Rev. Fr. Robert A. Skeris, D.D., K.H.S., Prof., Christendom College

    "A clearly written, balanced, documented and charitable appeal to the Holy Father to reconsider the direction of present-day ecumenism. Highly recommended."
    — Toby Westerman, International News Analysis

    "A little giant of a work. Quo Vadis, Petre? is MUST reading for every Catholic concerned for his Faith in the 21st century."
    — Solange Hertz, author and journalist

    "An important wake-up call! This book is a cold splash of Catholic reality into the face of ecumenism's false and fatuous grin."
    — John Vennari, editor, Catholic Family News

    "An irrefutable, respectful and thundering work! I think this might be the most important book written certainly this decade, if not since the Council."
    — Michael Matt, editor, The Remnant

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Special Edition

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Special Edition

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