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TIA's Fourth Biennial Event - 2023

Will God Allow Transhumanism to Succeed?

           Address by Mr. Atila Sinke Guimarães - May 7, 2023
The Revolution is promoting a symbiosis between man and machine. This symbiosis is called transhumanism, or human augmentation.

In the times of the Old Testament, among some pagan peoples there were mixtures of man and animals – the centaurs, satyrs and mermaids. Some persons believe they were not real, but Scriptures mention them as real and as works of the Devil.

atila sinke guimaraes

Atila Guimarães describes the technological revolution being engineered by the Devil

Today there are people who are trying to bring about the mixture of man and machines. I believe that this also is an art of the Devil presented as the evolution of technology, and can lead to the loss of free will.

In this exposition I will analyze what transhumanism is and what the Revolution’s plan for it is.

St. Thomas used to say that to think is to distinguish. So, first let me show the differences among several terms that are related to transhumanism and that sometimes overlap it, creating confusion.

The terms are genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, transhumanism and the metaverse.

Genetic engineering – In principle, genetic engineering is human interference with nature to make it more productive, or supposedly better. Today we have everything from the genetic alteration of corn or wheat, to new breeds of dogs, to the artificial insemination of cows or horses.


The remains of Dolly on display in Scotland’s National Museum

These procedures, which have been used for a long time, have become bolder in the last decades, when men started to openly attempt to create life in a laboratory. Although life has never been created artificially, all types of strange experiments have been made. The media always announces such experiments with great fanfare but almost never lets us know the outcomes.

The first cloned sheep received a name – Dolly – and became world famous, then the press stopped talking about it. When we dig a little deeper, we discover that, six years later, due to genetic malfunction, Dolly was “euthanized.”

For some 40 years now, the artificial insemination of humans has been taking place. This consists in having, outside of the sexual intercourse, the semen of a man collected and introduced into a woman’s womb after stimulating an ovulation.

Morally speaking, this is a process based on masturbation by both the man and the woman who are submitted to this experiment. The Catholic Church can never approve a scientific procedure based on the sin of the couple.

Another modality of this artificial insemination is in vitro fertilization.

designing babies in vitro

Man tries to replace God in ‘making’ babies; below, a company proposes to ‘grow’ multitudes of babies in artificial wombs

It has the same condemnable presupposition as the previous one, but it is still more radical because the fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body. It is a proud and arrogant attempt of men to mimic the creation of life independent of God.

Recently news surfaced of a company that can "grow" up to 30,000 babies per year in a laboratory of artificial wombs. In these plastic capsules are "children" whose parents have chosen their characteristics – skin color, eye and hair color, level of intelligence etc. In these capsules even the mind can be monitored. A computer supervises the children’s health as the gestations progress.

Catholic doctrine has always taught us that, in the birth of a child, the parents conceive the body and God creates a soul to animate each one in order for that child to reach eternal life.

It is not certain whether or not God would introduce a soul into a body created by one of these two artificial systems, which represent a revolt against Him. This possibility opens doors for a very important dispute that it is not the case to enter into here.

When it comes to genetic engineering in humans, the final goal of the Revolution is the constitution of a super-race. It was what Eugenics as well as Nazism planned. Today we are seeing billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and George Soros proposing something similar.

Artificial Intelligence – Some time ago, this was called automation or cybernetics, referring to the role of machines and computers in the mass production of factories and the organization of businesses.

Today the same thing is being called robotization or artificial intelligence, revealing a pretension of the Revolution that can never be achieved to mimic the human soul.

sophia the robot

Sophia the robot is presented as ‘more than human’

Artificial intelligence is a materialist myth that wrongly supposes that a machine can reach the level of intellectual perception and discernment of a human soul.

A computer can assimilate and present a multitude of data on a screen with the touch of a button.

It can process everything that can be translated into numbers and transported to a computer by means of a code. It can do this with a bank account, an engineering calculation, a police record, a list of chemical elements, a military ballistic range, medical statistics of illnesses etc.

But there are other things in the human soul that cannot be translated into numbers, such as the value of human relationships – friendship, loyalty, family love, for example – but also the talent of an artist, the potential capacity of a student, the discerning overview of a general on the battlefield, the ability of a diplomat, the inspiration of a musician, the clinical eye of a doctor, and many other things.


An artist can find the symbolic meaning of the natural world he sees

In the field of intelligence, the computer cannot evaluate what is being, what is truth, and what is goodness and beauty. Therefore, for a computer neither the sense of the orthodoxy of truth exists, nor the sense of morality or the sense of art.

But, more important and decisive, a computer can never translate into numbers the love of God, the devotion of a person, the strength of faith, the hope for Heaven and the charity for our neighbor.

For these reasons, among many others that I do not have the time to address here, Artificial Intelligence is a myth, that is, a machine will never replace the most precious gift that God gave us, which is to be made in His image and likeness.

Nonetheless, the Revolution tries to make people believe that a machine can surpass human intelligence in order to open their souls to receive micro-chips inside their bodies.

The Revolution goes as far as to pretend that a computer can download the conscience of a man, which would enter a sort of huge bank of consciences that could outperform not only one man but the ensemble of men. Thus, the computer actually would be the adjoining and combining of all the intelligences and wills that have existed and that exist now. It would be a replacement for the Divine Wisdom regarding perspectives, and for Divine Providence regarding the needs of man.

It is a technical version of Pantheism. Indeed, according to Pantheism, men are constantly releasing knowledge and energies of will that are gathered in a spiritual cloud that is present everywhere. The artificial intelligence is trying to apply this Pantheistic myth in the realm of machines. It is based on the lie that the human spirit can be condensed in the memory of a computer.


The goal for the near future: the brain transplanted to a robot model to achieve immortality

Transhumanism – This can be defined as the introduction of electronic chips into the human brain or the human body by means of contact with an external computer, which would augment man’s capacity to know and do things. It is a byproduct of the myth of artificial intelligence.

According to this myth, man would become so capable that his mind would be as wise as the mind of an angel and his body would become so controlled that he could maintain his health indefinitely, thus postponing death. It is a technological rendition of the promise of the Serpent to Eve: “You will be like gods.”

We are being prepared to accept transhumanism through the widespread use of laptops, ipads and cell phones.


Virtual reality is like a type of false mirror in a room that gives the person the impression he is alone, but on the other side of the glass there are persons spying on him and recording him.

So, whoever uses these electronic devices is not sure whether or not he is being controlled. In the long run this uncertainty opens the door for a person to be entirely controlled.

brain chip

A chip implanted in the human brain. But who controls it? h

At the moment these doors open and the person is prepared to receive a chip in his body, he is prepared for transhumanism. Indeed, the reasoning is: “I have to carry my cell phone in my pocket or purse, which is often inconvenient. It can get lost, stolen, etc. Why not just have the same chip embedded in my wrist like a watch? Why not have a chip that works the same as a cell phone – and perhaps even more? Why not have it implanted in my hand?”

There are ethical physicians and scientists who believe that these chips are already in many people. Indeed, they affirm that in the so-called Covid vaccines there are elements injected inside the person’s body that act in such a way as to become a sort of electronic chip that can receive and transmit information. If this is true, we would have millions of people who already have some sort of chip in their bodies and who were involuntarily dragged into transhumanism.

centaurs and satyr

Centaurs & satyrs - Scriptures describe them as Devils

The Old Testament mentions centaurs, satyrs and mermaids. They are presented as Devils. I suspect they were made and animated by the Devil to give the impression that they were real living creatures.

Today, we are witnessing an attempt to make a mixture between a man and a machine and this is presented as great progress. I have a strong suspicion that these experiments are also inspired by the Devil to move men away from God and lead them to eternal damnation.

As we speak here, the U.S. Department of Defense is in advanced stages of promoting transhumanism. It is applying a lot of time, knowledge and money to build what has been called the cyborg soldier of the future. Cyborg stands for cybernetic organism. He is a man who has allowed into his brain and body all kinds of electronic, photographic and magnetic devices so that he can be superefficient on the battle field.

cybourg soldiers

Cyborg soldiers - Frankensteins of the future?

Until 30 years ago Frankenstein was considered a monster and raised horror in man. Today the cyborg soldier is considered a great achievement of technology and raises admiration. This shows the decay of the sense of horror.

What is the Catholic position on these chips that are being introduced into the human brain in order to “augment” man’s intellectual capacity and power of decision?

Each one of us is a person who has to give an account to God for whatever we do with the gifts He granted us when He created us. This presupposes that each one of us is responsible for his decisions. Now then, at the moment that one of us allows a chip to be introduced into his brain in order to enhance his capacities, he is relinquishing his free will and is establishing a pact with someone else to direct his mind and his decisions in the way that this unknown controller desires.

This decision to allow someone to control one’s mind and will is more radical than a religious man who makes a vow of obedience to the superior of an order, which from then on binds the man to follow his orders and decisions.

Indeed it is more radical, because:
  1. The religious superior is a determinate individual bound by Natural Law and Catholic Morals, which forbid him to command unnatural or sinful things. The one who controls the chip, however, is an unknown superior – allegedly a machine – who can order anything, be it natural or unnatural, moral or immoral.

  2. religious vows

    The vow of obedience requires full acquiesence of the will of the inferior to each command of the superior

    The commands of a religious superior are explicit procedures that ask for an act of adhesion from the inferior, that is, an act of obedience. Even when the vow of obedience is made forever, in each command the inferior is asked to explicitly adhere to it in the name of obedience. On the other hand, the orders given by the chip’s controller may be implicit and unconscious, that is, the individual is transformed into a robot who obeys the orders unconditionally, without giving his consent and without the will to deny them.

  3. The religious vows are defined as a stage of perfection that favors virtue and combats vice. This stage leads the inferior to the greatest good, which is the glory of God and the eternal salvation of his soul. So, by means of walking a path of renunciation – humility, obedience, poverty and chastity – the monk perfects his individual qualities and shortens his path to Heaven. Instead, the man with the embedded chip is moved by an initial uncertain promise – you will be a superman in this life – but actually he becomes a tool in the hands of an unknown master, who can either transform him into a machine or even end his life. Eternal life is exchanged for a supposed super-life on earth.

The decision to allow someone to control one’s intelligence and will by the insertion of an electronic chip into his brain is very similar to a pact with the Devil, by which a person voluntarily delivers himself to the Devil.

Indeed, it is similar to a pact with the Devil because:
  1. faustus and mephistofles

    Faust makes a pact with the Devil to obtain knowledge

    In the pact with the Devil the person sells his soul – that is, he accepts going to Hell and eternally serving the Devil – in exchange for becoming intelligent, powerful, rich, famous etc in this life. So also, when a man voluntarily agrees to have a chip introduced into his brain he abdicates his free will in order to have more knowledge or abilities than he naturally had, to be healthier than his nature permits, to be able to make more profitable investments etc.

  2. In the pact with the Devil the person makes a blind initial acceptance of any doctrine, decision or action that the Devil demands of the person, be it moral or immoral, honest or dishonest, clean or dirty. So also, when a man agrees to have a chip in his brain, he is giving up his intelligence, will and sensibilities to an unknown person who can do with these faculties whatever that controller desires.

  3. In the pact with the Devil the person allows the Devil to take his life whenever the former judges it most convenient, So also, when a man has a chip introduced into his body, the controller of the chip may cause his death whenever he desires. Indeed, if the chip can read all the health data of a human body and can help him maintain his heath indefinitely, it can also do the opposite and cause his death.
The conclusion is that transhumanism is apparently an attempt of the Secret Forces to transform mankind as a whole into slaves of machines, in reality, into slaves of the Secret Forces and ultimately slaves of the Devil. It would be a way for a small oligarchy to control all of mankind and lead it to a great era of progress and peace - or to a massive genocide.

When almost all the production of goods can be made by robots programmed through Artificial Intelligence men will be controlled through Transhumanism. Then, the Secret Forces will have an enormous number of jobless people who will become useless. It will be up to them to maintain or destroy this majority.

Will God allow this to happen?

Let us study the last topic of this technological nightmare, and then we will have conditions to give an answer to this question.

Metaverse – What is the metaverse? It is an immersion of a person into a virtual 3-Dimensional space which gives the user the impression that he is living in a different world.

virtual reality metzverse

Preparing the youth to enter the metaverse with virtual reality arcade centers

The way to access this environment is through a headset made of large goggles that cover both eyes and have loudspeakers very close to both ears. In this way the metaverse has a powerful means to influence the user’s mind and imagination.

The goal of the metaverse is to induce people to enter this virtual reality not only to replace the video-games they already play, but to meet one another as they do in the Internet world. How would one meet in a virtual reality? It is through a virtual reproduction of the person, which is called a hologram.

A hologram is an electronic clone of a person, which would be his virtual 3-D likeness that reproduces all his movements. One detail: each person can build the hologram of himself as he would like to be, like the photos a person posts on his Facebook. This is a dangerous stimulus to narcissism and, more important, it leads to the loss of one’s identity. The result is that this projection of the person will not be the real person but what he want others to believe he is. It is an unreal world very similar to the world of drugs.


Holograms are already being used in various ways

How does the metaverse merge with the other topics we addressed here? The headsets of the metaverse are designed to influence the user’s mind just as the inserted chip does. It is very similar to some helmets that are called non-surgical neurological interfaces made to control one’s mind.

It is a way to occupy those useless slaves who were left behind after the robot working force took their places. In this metaverse they can be kept in a sort of drugged reality until their bosses decide their final destiny.

The fundamental question returns: Will God allow this Kingdom of the Devil to endure?

Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady promised her intervention when evil will seem to triumph & the authority abuses its power

I believe He will not. Just as He did not allow that race of giants to continue to pervert the world and sent the Deluge; just as He did not allow the Babel Tower to reach its proud goal, I believe He will put an end to the technological-demonic nightmare we have entered.

Our Lady of Good Success said that at the moment that the Devil will be dominating everything and the authority will abuse its power, she would intervene.

Considering this enormous abuse that prevents man from accepting God’s plan for him, I can only ask: Have we not arrived at this moment?

*    *    *

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Posted May 10, 2023


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