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Lesbian Batwoman Comes ‘Out of the Closet’ into Our Children’s Imaginations

Kathleen Willett Redle, M.F.A.

As a mother of six children I was disgusted by the BBC report on DC Comics “Batwoman Hero Returns as Lesbian.” I think it’s time that Catholics wage a boycott and protest of this outrageous assault on the innocence of our youth, some of whom read this popular comic magazine. If this kind of perverse subject matter is allowed to be placed on the pages of DC Comics, then you can be assured that other lesbian and homosexual comic book characters like it will eventually end up in our Sunday newspaper comic section and on our movie screens. Children go to see movies like Superman and Batman and there is definitely an agenda at work here. We are being morally shaped by the media to accept sexual deviancies of every kind. (1)

Lesbian Batwoman

A re-designed lesbian Batwoman
The article describes the “latest incarnation of Batwoman as a ‘rich socialite,’ whose real name is supposedly ‘Kathy Kane’ and she has a lesbian relationship with an “ex-police detective “Renee Montoya.”

The lesbian “new-look Batwoman” is touted as “just one of a wave of ethnically and sexually diverse characters entering the DC Comics universe.” The article tells us that “The characters are part of a wider effort to broaden the make-up of comic-book creations in line with society as a whole.”

The Batwoman, who first appeared in July 1956, has not been seen since September 1979. After all these years why are they bringing a lesbian comic strip character “out of the closet” ?

This is a disgrace - to send us in 2006 a “lesbian” comic book character for children to emulate. Everyone who has children knows that sometimes children play Superman or Batman and Robin). Could this have anything to do with the push in Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman? The vote was scheduled for June 6, 2006 (6-6-6) and as expected, did not pass. Clearly, the globalist revolutionary agenda is to make homosexual marriage legal in all countries, and to do this they must reach the minds of our youth.

So could this be one of the many reasons DC comics is taking Batwoman, along with her lesbian “partner” out of the mothballs to be poster girl representations of the left wing lesbian agenda? Could it be that the homosexual network wants to be identified with law and order and youth entertainment? This, despite the fact they publicly promote unlawful, vile, and disorderly things to rip wide the very fabric of our Christian society and our institutions of Church and family that we hold dear? (2)

If our society is going to accept this type of entertainment for our children, then what will come next? Comic books promoting a character involved in other forms of perversion such as pedophilia, incest, or bestiality? Just where does it all end in this permissive world where parents don’t monitor their children’s entertainment? How can we as a civilized society sanction homosexual partnerships or marriages - or whatever you want to call these ungodly unions and sanction - as legitimate or just another “alternative and legal lifestyle?” Even decadent pagan Rome didn’t go that far.

We have no one to blame but ourselves if our children get sucked into the perversions of the popular culture and the homosexual movement careening towards our children like a runaway freight train heading toward the complete moral destruction of our youth. Perhaps you find it hard to believe that a homosexual network has been planning to corrupt your children? The evidence clearly shows that a revolutionary network of such forces as NAMBLA, Planned Parenthood, Aldous Huxley’s Pan-Sexual Movement, and the European Union Laws act against the traditional family seeking nothing short of its ultimate destruction. (3)

If we want to allow these perverse people and agencies to take possession of our children’s minds and even bodies by taking the first step to gain an influence over their imaginations with words and cartoon images, then the sky is the limit for these “politically correct” perverts bent on dragging our children to Hell. We - parents and society at large - must do all we can to protect our future investment, a precious commodity called childhood, a treasure without a price tag.

In the approved apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success, she foretold to Mother Mariana in the 1630's that there would be hardly any virgin souls in the 20th century, our present epoch… “During these unfortunate times,” she foretold, “evil will invade childhood innocence. In this way, vocations to the priesthood will be lost, resulting in a true calamity.” (4)

Sadly this vile anti-family comic strip character is the complete opposite of Our Lady: a Holy Woman, the new Eve, the Mother of God, and a true champion of the downtrodden and the unjustly treated, as Mother Mariana de Jesus wrote:
Have a great love for the Blessed Virgin; imitate her virtues, above all her profound humility, her ardent love for God and poor sinners, her simplicity and childlike innocence. Let there be no deceits or hypocrisies in your souls. Preserve and propagate devotion under the invocation of Our Lady of Good Success, for with it you will obtain from Jesus and Mary everything you ask… You should also devotedly care for your true treasure and make her known and loved by as many souls as possible; assuring them that with this devotion they will always obtain good successes both in time and eternity..." (5)
Our Lady of Good Success, the Admirable Life of Mother MAriana Volume II

Our Lady predicted that iniquitous laws aimed at doing away with marriage would be passed.
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Unfortunately DC Comic strip “Batwoman hero returns as lesbian” tragically illustrates Mother Mariana's predictions for our century:

As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging the procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church. The Catholic spirit will rapidly decay, the precious light of Faith will gradually be extinguished until there will be an almost total and general corruption of customs. Added to this will be the effects of secular education, which will be one reason for the dearth of priestly and religious vocations." (6)

This evokes clear images of the clerical homosexual pedophile scandals, the emptying of seminaries, and the bad sex education in Catholic schools promoted by our Catholic Bishops...

Where will we find our future priests and nuns from if we let our children read homosexual/lesbian characters in DC Comics? If we accept Sodom and Gomorrah, then our children are not safe and we will be held accountable. As Catholics we must speak out now against evil and vice and pray the Rosary, making acts of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of our Lord. May Our Lady of Good Success come to our assistance!

You may contact the author at the e-mail address

1. Read how the social engineers have been planning the corruption of our children and the acceptance of homosexuality in society here; The New Order of Barbarians transcript of tapes I III can be ordered from the Florida Pro Family Forum, P.O. Box 1059, Highland City, FL 33846 1059 ($20).
2. See "Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse"; "Mentoring Agency's Policy Would Link Kids With Homosexual Volunteers Big Brothers Big Sisters Forcing Affiliates to Kowtow" by Jim Brown and Jody Brown, "Boy Scouts must defenda gainst 'sexual predators' by David M. Bresnahan"; "Circle the Wagons Perspective," by Jann Flury.
3. Perhaps Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was the blueprint for the pan-sexual movement. Huxley said in this frightening book that one character “had produced individuals who were sexually mature at four and full grown at six and a half a scientific triumph....They were still trying to find the ideal compromise between adults of 20 and adults of six” (pg. 15).
In a speech given before a homosexual group in Mexico in 1998, NAMBLA founder David Thorstad said he would like nothing better than the “Brave New World” scenario as he revealed the connection between homosexuals and the child molestation movement: “Our [pederasty] movement today stresses the liberation and empowerment of young people. Instead of pedagogy, democracy. Rather than a Greek love mentor relationship, the companionship of independent and autonomous individuals. In place of male supremacy, a vision of sexual, economic, and political liberation for all. Freedom is indivisible. The liberation of children, women, boy lovers, and homosexuals in general, can occur only as complementary facets of the same dream" “Pederasty is Man /Pubescent boy sex.”
In 1981 Alyson Publications, a homosexual publishing house in Boston, published The Age Taboo, a book which contained essays promoting adult/child sexual activities. In the early 1990's The Journal of Homosexuality published lengthy reports on “intergenerational intimacy” (a euphemism for adult sex with minor children).
Homosexuality is becoming an acceptable institution and any form of public disapproval of it will be considered a crime, as can be seen in the recent resolution passed by the European Union banning “homophobia”
Men like Michael Swift, a self confessed "Gay Revolutionary," admit their plots to seduce young men “in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us,” In the Gay Community News, click here.
4. Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D., (TIA, 1999), p. 52.
5. Ibid.
6. Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira, The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, vol. II, (Tradition in Action 2006), Introduction, p. 23. In 1906, Mother Mariana's casket was opened and her body was found to be incorrupt, exuding the fragrance of lilies.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 7, 2006

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