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The Accelerating Sexual War on Children

Linda Harvey
A coalition of child-sex advocates with no interest in the welfare of children just called for more “inclusive,” perversion-centered sex education. And they want it to start in kindergarten.

Guidelines for sex education

Now, the K-12 sex education will become more ‘inclusive’ for LGBT youth ...

Planned Parenthood has joined forces with the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), SIECUS, Advocates for Youth and others to demand “safe” sex education that includes lessons for “LGBTQ” students.

“Safe” in this case is anything but. It means silencing speech that recommends virtue, abstinence, a norm of heterosexuality and authentic marriage. And it’s “unsafe” to voice criticism of abortion. The child-sex lobby wants to make sure that while we’re corrupting children, we teach them to value destroying their own future children as well. The unborn child is to be viewed as a disposable enemy, an obstacle to “progress.”

The good news is that only four states – California, Colorado, Iowa and Washington – require that homosexuality and gender confusion be included in sex education. Yet how sad that students in those states are subjected to such deceptive, life-distorting lessons.

The groups in this coalition have long stood firmly opposed to abstinence-until-marriage education, which tells students the truth about the failure rate of condoms and contraceptives and does not advocate homosexual practices.

Sexual fairy tale

Rutger's Sex.etc site for youth encourages early premarital sex and pushes the LGBT agenda

masculine girls
By contrast, these groups glamourize adolescent sex of all types and gender rebellion. One of the coalition partners, Answer, is a Rutgers University group best known for its sleazy, sexed-up website for teens, Sex Etc. One recent post features a teen couple, the girl in a low-cut T-shirt, called “The Fairy Tale First Time,” where authors lament that media depictions fall short in describing sexual debut because “… rarely do the fairy-tale first times delve into the queer realm.”

Yes, pushing early sex is a consistent theme of “LGBT” propaganda.

SIECUS is the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S., and no, it’s not a government agency, just another private, sex-crazed group with roots in the deplorable legacy of Alfred Kinsey (who conducted gruesome “research” using child molesters).

In a SIECUS survey, 85 percent of parents said they would be comfortable with a discussion of “sexual orientation” at the high school level and 78 percent at the middle school level.

Do you doubt the honesty of SIECUS about this survey? Yeah, me, too.

If parents were surveyed about what might actually happen, SIECUS would never report the results. “Would you be in favor of teaching your children that some of them were born homosexual and can never change, and some were born in the wrong sex body and may need surgery to amputate healthy body parts?” Let’s see the parental response to that.

SIECUS issued a press release complaining that “only 19 percent of U.S. secondary schools provide curricula or supplementary sex education materials that are LGBTQ-inclusive. Fewer than 5 percent of LGBT students have health classes that included positive representations of LGBT-related topics. This leaves many LGBTQ youth without the skills to maintain healthy relationships and protect themselves if they are engaging in sexual activity.”

Well, how about if we discourage teen sexual activity? What a novel idea.


Poster campaigns to make same-sex ‘couples’ seem normal & acceptable

And what “skills” do they need for this? The first task is destruction of innocence. Emma and John will learn all about anal and oral sex practices in sixth or seventh grade. Then they’ll be taught how to perform these acts “safely” (that lie again). In the twisted world of these sexologists, this is “age appropriate.” How to put a condom on a fake penis is another important skill, which should be taught to boys and girls in mixed-sex settings.

Again, assaulting innocence and modesty is essential to the end product: junior barbarians who adopt a utilitarian view of sex.

It’s encouraging that many communities have so far blocked deviance- and porn-centered sex ed. But the pressure is on via the Obama administration’s increased funding for what is called “comprehensive” sex ed (aka, promiscuity promotion).

This is a sexual war on children. And only parents acting at the local level can stop it. But we also must block leftist federal and state policies that may force local schools to submit to this corruption.

The homosexual “Equality Act” is one such measure. If “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” become civil rights, the last vestiges of morality in local schools will disappear. Pro-homosexual messages will pervade the curriculum, not just in sex education.

The irony is that these people base their demands on preventing the risky behaviors of children they label “LGBTQ,” which are not inborn human conditions. These are children equal in body and function to others, yet who engage in harmful, deviant conduct – which thankfully can change.

But for SIECUS, GLSEN and the others, children at risk are useful. They tell us these children are:
  • “More likely to have begun having sex at an early age and to have multiple partners compared to their heterosexual peers”
  • “More likely to have sex while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs”
  • “More likely to experience dating violence”
  • “Less likely to use condoms or birth control when they have sex”
  • “More likely to contract HIV or other STIs”
  • “More likely to experience teen pregnancy”

Glsen safe spot

GLSEN campaigns for every school to be 'safe' for homosexuals

So they know what’s happening. But these reckless behaviors are handy tools. The child-sex lobby is using children as change agents– even if self-sacrifice is required of them.

Many are victims of child sexual abuse. Most suffer neglect by parents or guardians, have witnessed highly sexualized or violent conduct by parents, have underage access to alcohol or drugs, and have households where open criminal activity is taking place. They often have no reliable adult in their lives, and their instability sets them up for experimentation and exploitation.

These children cry out for help before they crash and burn. Planned Parenthood and GLSEN are here to make sure the self-harm continues, all the while positioning as “rescue” their escort service into hell.

And they want taxpayers to subsidize this “support.”

I say, no way. How about you?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 16, 2015

Linda Harvey first published this article on
WND on December 8, 2015

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