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‘Nine Frozen Little Ones Hanging Out’

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Recently a friend handed me a sealed envelope. “This is something I think you should read,” she said. “For me it was quite shocking and reflects a whole modern mindset.”

It was, indeed, a shocking article, although I am sure many of my contemporaries would claim I’m blowing up the case. The article, titled “Fertility Preservation Brings Hope,” was from a local hospital community education brochure. A radiant mother who I will call K, a proud bespectacled father M, and their precious toddler V are pictured. K shares her “success story” and encourage others “to follow their dreams for having a family as well.”

Parents with a baby

A successful pregnancy - a horrific reality
In brief, at age 30 K was diagnosed with cancer in the lymph system. She was anxious to start treatment, but was concerned about one of her future plans for life, which was to have children. Now, approximately 75% of women under age 45 treated for cancer regain their fertility and have healthy children, but K didn’t want to take any chances. After all, what if she couldn’t achieve her dream?

So she and husband M made the decision to pursue fertility preservation therapy with a Reproductive Endocrinologist doctor. (No, this isn’t science fiction and yes, such titles really exist.) So, 12 eggs were “harvested” and fertilized with her husband’s sperm, and then frozen before chemotherapy began.

K recovered, the couple waited a few years, then chosen a frozen egg to implant. Nine months later, little V was born. “And we’re thinking about getting pregnant again,” K says with a smile. “After all, we have nine frozen little ones hanging out in Newport Beach waiting for us.”

Now, if this statement doesn’t make you shudder, then I don’t know what will. Clearly, K and M have no illusions about what these fertilized eggs are. They are “nine frozen little ones” for whom they casually assume the responsibility of life – or death – at their own convenience. It is man playing God. It is monstrous.

Do what thou wilt

‘Freezing and transplantation’ is one of various so-called “scientific breakthroughs” that allow persons to have what they want when they want it. An in vitro baby is created in a glass test tube by taking a sperm and egg from two separate donors and combining them. The baby develops for a while in a nutrition solution in a test tube, and then, after a certain maturity, is implanted into a surrogate mother’s uterus.

A woman preparing for in vitro hormone injections

A woman prepares to inject herself with hormones for in vitro fertilization as her 'partner' watches
The growing baby [euphemistically termed ‘the concoction’] often dies during this risky part of the process if the cells fail to bond to the uterus wall. This innovation that goes against nature allows for homosexuals and lesbians to “have” babies.

Doctors also regularly give fertility drugs to induce multiple pregnancies. Then they insert a needle in the woman’s abdomen and inject potassium chloride into the hearts of selected fetuses to kill them. This increases the chances of a successful birth of the desired one child. From the moral perspective, these eliminated “fetuses” are abortions.

The regular practice of such procedures cannot be blamed solely on science and new “advances” in medicine. They have been developed and adopted because of a mentality change in society, which no longer views such practices as the monstrosities that they are. They are accepted because of persons who think their every want and desire should be met.

The members of a generation accustomed to limitless options and being “in control” assume that if they want a child now – perhaps even after years of practicing contraception, they have a right to it. The notion of resignation to the will of God is foreign to them. If someone would remind the couple of novenas and advise them they might have long years of prayer and waiting for God to give them a child, they would laugh. “We want a baby now so why should we wait?!” is their reply. This is the egotistic mentality of modern society. Persons feel “entitled” to any scientific procedure – no matter how anti-natural or horrific it may be – so long as it gives them what they want.

A vial of frozen embryos

A vial of frozen embryos - an anti-natural process
This kind of genetic engineering doesn’t seem much different to me from the human experiments the Nazis were trying to make in their concentration camps. Those genetic experiments – which today everyone acknowledges as monstrous and inhuman – are now conducted in our medical laboratories with grant money under the deceiving title of “scientific advances.” Aren’t these “advances” just steps to create the super-race so desired by the Aryan purists?

The Revolution decided to make those experiments acceptable and popular by offering them as “solutions” for sterile couples or homosexuals. How shrewd! To satisfy their “dream” for children, people became ardent promoters of what is anti-natural. It is also a way to accustom mankind to the monstrous. This prepares the day when only “perfect fetuses” will be allowed to come to life.

Effects on the children

A Catholic well-grounded in the Faith cannot help but wonder what will be the effects on the children who start their lives frozen and in test tubes. The Church always taught that the formation of the child began not at birth, but at the very moment of conception and then continued in the womb of the mother. For that reason, she counseled mothers on the importance of maintaining a calm, recollected spirit to provide the proper environment for the child in the womb.

In his Manual for Catholic Mothers,(1) Fr. Pius Franciscus instructs parents that the temperament and spirit of the child in the womb is already taking shape, and the parents must do all they can to assist the work of grace. He says:

A painting of a mother and her child in a crib

The Catholic mother conceives her child according to nature, nurtures him and commends him to God
“As soon as the Christian mother becomes aware that a new being has been engendered in her womb through the power of God, she should immediately offer it up to God and again and again commend it to His fatherly care and protection in aspirations and words which her own mother-heart suggests. During the months of its development, she must carefully avoid unwholesome food, undue exertion and still more all passionate outbursts of impatience and anger, of grief and worry, of excessive sorrow and care. She must, moreover, refrain from vain and proud thoughts.

“On the other hand, she should constantly strive to remain calm and unruffled in all adverse circumstances, foster a devout and contented disposition, pray earnestly, and receive the Holy Sacraments frequently and worthily. Briefly, she should seek to be as she expects her child to be some day.”

How many lessons in this wise counsel that are completely disregarded! Today we have the impression the child is engendered by the power of man, not the power of God. Instead of the safe organic womb of the mother, where the child finds refuge and draws it life blood from its mother, it is frozen for weeks, months – perhaps even years – or takes its first shape in a glass tube in a laboratory.

Man tries to assume the place of God. The scientific laboratory takes the place of the mother’s womb. Won’t this affect the very psychology of the children born from these anti-natural practices? Scripture warns us in many places that the sins of the parents are visited on their children. (2) One can only shudder to imagine the consequences of these terrible sins against nature and the Law of God. And the frightful question rises: Are those parents creating normal children or anti-natural monsters?
1. Mother Love, A Manual for Christian Mothers (New York: F. Pustet Co, 1960) Chap. I, pp. 496-498.
2. Lev 26:39, 40; 1 Kings 14:22; Ezra 9:7; Is 65:7; Jer 32:17-19; Dan 9:16.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 14, 2008

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