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Francis & Climate Change - III

Rations, Fines & Big Brother Surveillance

John Vennari
John Coleman, meteorologist and the founder of the Weather Channel, says openly and forcefully that the notion of man-made global warming is “the greatest scam in history.”

Coleman notes that the entire global warming argument is supposed to be about science. “The science of meteorology is my lifelong expertise, “ he says, “and I am telling you global warming is a non-event, a manufactured crisis, a total scam.”

jhn coleman climate change

Weather Channel founder John Coleman publicly speaks out against  climate change doomsayers

In 2007, the California Energy Commission seriously proposed that homes should be required to have “programmable control thermostats.” These fancy new thermostats will give utility officials the ability to regulate your home thermostat or water heaters and refrigerators and even your lights by remote control. Some one from a remote location will be able to shut down your heat or electricity. (1) (Imagine if Stalin had such a system to use against his political enemies).

The proposal was rejected, but it reflects the true mindset of the new Green police. You can be sure they will not give up; they will be back.

In Britain, the government recently conducted trials with what are called “smart meters” that set off alarms if your energy use exceeds your allotted energy limit. (2)

In San Francisco, the so-called Catholic Mayor, Gavin Newsome, proposed that anyone in the city who mixes their recyclables with their regular trash be fined up to $1000. (3)

Scientists: Grant money

Why do so many scientists pursue Climate Change trendiness?

There is an old saying, follow the money.

Today, Climate Change research is where the grant-money is! If you are a scientist or researcher, and you want funding – and you must have funding to make a living in research – you will have a hard time receiving grants if you ask for funds to disprove man-made global warming. But if you get on the Climate Change bandwagon – hook up to the gravy train – there will be plenty of research money for you to make a living.

Sadly, even in the so-called higher world of science and academics, the motivation can be just that crass. John Coleman, the meteorologist quoted earlier who founded the Weather Channel, said, “Scientists are afraid of speaking out against global warming because they’ll lose their grants. I’m not looking for grants.” (4)

Cooling is global warming
In the same vein, Roy Spencer, who is Principle Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, and author of the book Climate Confusion, notes, “The financial incentive for individual scientists to speak out on the global warming is on the side of the global warming alarmists.” (5)

Spencer points out, “Philanthropic foundations with leftist boards of directors routinely give money to alarmist causes.” He talks about the $500,000 no-strings-attached grants have been awarded by the MacArther Foundation to climate research scientists who sound the alarm against man-made global warming. Likewise, James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute, received a grant from a foundation headed by John Kerry’s wife to the tune of $250,000.

Spencer goes on to say, “By far, the largest supporters of environmental groups and climate researchers is the federal government, with your tax dollars.”

He also notes there are no such funds given to those scientists who refute man-made climate change. “And based upon its historical record,” Spencer says, “you can bet that a Nobel Prize will never be awarded to the scientist who ever demonstrates that global warming is not the huge threat to mankind that it is advertised to be.” (6)

Of course, do not expect to read about challenges to Climate Change science in the most of the mainstream media. As Spencer points out – and he is not the only one – the mainstream press routinely keeps us uninformed on the true nature of man-made global warming. The media is firmly on the side of the hysteria.

This should not surprise us, as the major networks and news media, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, as well as major newspapers such as New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and even small-circulation papers are not really interested in objective journalism, but are proponents of the neo-pagan, politically-correct agenda. (7)

Media collusion

Dr. Roy Spencer, whom we quoted earlier, noted, “No one does a better job at keeping you misinformed on environmental issues than the media ... A large part of the public’s concern about the environment can be traced to editorial bias in the major media sources.” (8)

“Editorial bias” is putting it mildly.

For example, Christopher C. Horner in his book Red Hot Lies dedicates an entire chapter to the lies and obfuscation of mainstream media regarding the fraud of man-made global warming: Some examples:

•  Republican Senator James Inhofe recently produced a peer-reviewed work by more than 400 scientists that countered the so-called “scientific consensus” that claims man is responsible for global warming. The New York Times did not run the story in the newspaper, but only mentioned it on a blog and dismissed it as a “distraction.” (9)

Red Hot Lies

Horner documents how the world press promotes Global Warming

•  The Washington Post is quick to give pride-of-place to an hysterical story about alleged record “ice melt”, but the fact that the Antarctic sheet is actually getting thicker, receives virtually no press. The news had to show up on a “newsbusters” website. (10)

•  When a researcher recently concluded that the Larson ice shelves that broke off in 2002 was not a result of global warming as the hype at the time claimed, but only the product of natural activities, only the researcher’s local newspaper in Wales bothered to report on it. The rest of the world’s press effectively pretended the research never occurred. (11)

•  Likewise the press loves to trot out horror stories about global warming killing off polar bears and threatening them with extinction. But when an expert-in-the-field recently concluded that the polar bear is in no danger, and is likely to be with us for a long time, the only paper to report this was the Nunatsiaq News, published in the city of Iqaliut, which is an arctic, Eskimo city in the northern regions of Canada. (12)

Almost simultaneously, Reuters news service published a report by Alistair Doyle who quoted a visitor (not a scientist, a visitor) to the North Pole. The visitor said he saw two polar bears, one looked dead and the other looked fatigued. And Doyle – a so-called reporter – ran a September 2006 story claiming that if a polar bear looked dead and another polar bear looked tired, it must certainly be due to global warming. (13)

Horner's book bursts with stories such as these.

Then there is ridicule

Saul Alinsky, the professional left-wing agitator, lists as #5 on his Rules for Radicals the principle: “Ridicule is man’s most important most potent weapon – Never underestimate the power of ridicule.” (14)

Global warming doubters, global warming deniers, even though they appear to have science on their side, are constantly held up for scorn and ridicule by trendy scientists and media.

mann hockey stick graph

Mann's discredited 'hockey stick graph' is questioned even by Global Warmers themselves

Michael Mann, who developed the now-discredited “hockey-stick” graph to predict catastrophic frying of the planet due to man-made global warming, said that for a newspaper to even quote a skeptic of man-made global warning is akin to granting “the Flat Earth Society an equal say with NASA in the design of a new space satellite.” This quote from Michael Mann was dutifully published in the April 9, 2006 edition of the Boston Globe. (15)

In fact, when Michael Mann’s hockey-stick-shape graph of historical temperatures was discredited, the Seattle Post-Intelligence writer Mark Trahant dismissed this discrediting as “quibbling.” (16)

We see the mainstream media in most cases cannot be trusted to tell the truth about the Climate Change or global warming. The reports will be slanted or selective; news items will be omitted that challenges their agenda; or there will be outright lies.

Whither Papa Bergoglio?

As we said at the open, today’s environmental, Climate Change program is a means of advancing population control and more government control into the details of our lives.

Epa heds pope francis climate change

US Environmental Protection Agency officials hitch Obama's climate change message to the Pope's

It is rife with “grant money” for scientific research favorable to the theory.

The news media seldom tells us the truth regarding the non-threat of so-called man-made global warming.

Most of the science itself appears to be fraudulent or at least questionable.

Pope Francis would perform a great service if he addressed this dark side of environmentalism in his proposed Encyclical on the ecology, but given his Conciliar trendiness, it seems highly unlikely.

As we get closer to Francis’ ecology Encyclical, we will further examine a prevailing superstition: We will discuss the false claim that addressing ecology and Climate Change rises to the level of a major Christian imperative for our time.

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John Vennari is editor of Catholic Family News
where this article was first published on January 16, 2015


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Posted January 21, 2015

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