Consequences of Vatican II
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The Shocking Initiatives of Pope Francis

Rafael Trindade, Brazil
The current Pope, nolens volens, is doing all he can to degrade the papal dignity, which corresponds to the highest honor and power on earth. Under the pretense of simplifying protocol, what we are witnessing are grotesque displays of the most vulgar demagogy, as, for example, in the case of the Pope’s scandalous kissing the mouth of a boy… In every detail – acts, gestures, attitudes, omissions of one of the faithful – this desacralization appears.

Pope Francis kiss

Unbefitting to the papal dignity: Francis allows a young woman to kiss him on the lips

What we are seeing is a systematic and pre-mediated plan to pauperize everything that was always the dominant note of the Papacy and that constituted the splendorous observance of ancient forms of hierarchy, sacrality and nobility. Denying or underestimating this trio – intimately related, since everything that is hierarchical tends to be sacral and noble, and vice-versa – the Papacy tends to become no more than a type of public office, more or less eclectic, syncretic and ecumenical, governed by a vague religiousness without truths or defined dogma and covered by a thin veneer of etiquette that one could find at any club or cultural institute.

Only that and nothing more. This in no way befits the magnificence that should be inherent to the Chair of Peter. Undoubtedly, what is shrouded in mystery – and here it is sacred mystery – possesses grandeur and inspires respect.

From this point of view, for example, no parallel can be established between the majestic grandeur of the traditional Mass and the protestantized ‘eucharistic’ ceremony called the New Mass.

Can there be any doubt that this movement of de-sacralization has been the consistent tendency of the post-Conciliar Popes? Are we not heading at a dizzying pace to the abyss, where one Pope after another stamps with ridicule and drains the meaning from what they are obliged to transmit in its integrity to the immediate Successor? Indeed, in doctrine and morals, ad intra and ad extra, all that was inspired by the Divine Holy Spirit through the ages and incorporated into the sacred papal office, is being tossed on the dust heap, like disposing of an old rag.

We are not far away – unless there is a direct intervention of God in the sorrowful events that are unfolding in full sight – from the Papacy being reduced to nothing more than just one more branch of the UN. The Papacy is increasingly taking on the form of the head of an embryonic ‘universal religion,’ where Catholics and non-Catholics live together in a complete doctrinal promiscuity. Behold the dream of the gnostic and egalitarian pan-religion, of the unspeakable Boffs and Friar Bettos who exist throughout the world today. Gradually the pieces are coming together, day after day.

holocaust survivors pope francis

Francis subserviently kisses the hands of Jewish survivors of concentration camps

holocaust survivors pope francis
Every solemn institution transmits its spirit through ceremonies and symbolic gestures. We can see this, for example, with large universities, the military, corporations, and so on.

Now, the Church is a solemn institution. Therefore, through her ceremonials she also transmits her spirit.

And, what is the spirit of the Church? It is the Holy Spirit. Yes, it is the Holy Spirit who directs the Popes, especially when they invoke Him on the occasion of official definitions, which are gifted with the mark of infallibility. Therefore, the ceremonial of the Church is the vehicle of grace of the Holy Spirit.

Consequently, the pretension to transform the Church into nothing but a façade, something almost entirely ‘spiritual,’ that is, half invisible – without structures or rules, lacking defined boundaries, serving only as a venue for a universal brotherhood – reaches the zenith of the infamous process of self destruction at work, announced by Paul VI in 1968.

Insofar as the Pope is despoiled of all his power and grandeur, the charismatic lunatics – many of which were transformed into idiots beyond belief – find themselves the spokesmen of the ‘Holy Spirit,’ transforming the churches into outrageous circus stages for their performances.

We need look no further than the recent trip of Francis to the Middle East to realize the stark reality of our times. It was an empty show: the so-called orthodox, to start with, are divided into a multitude of rancorous groups. Then, there are the Jews and Muslims, also fractured and contentious. Meanwhile, Francis pretends to see none of this and to seal harmony among them all.

After embracing the schismatics, he goes on to kiss the hands of survivors of the concentration camps. One need only look at the photos: Pope Francis with the face of a peaceful lamb, while the others look up or down, with the expression of vipers and birds of prey.

Pope Holy Land Muslims

A smiling Francis promenades with Muslim leaders during his visit to the Holy Land

He promenades, kissing hands that are tinted with the blood of Christians. At that very moment news arrives that the Catholics are being killed in droves in the Middle East. The Muslims are massacring Catholics, boasting of their deeds to others.

In one photo a Catholic is shown being lanced everywhere – near the neck, the chest – to squeeze out every drop of blood. The martyr is turned upside down. One can only see the extended body and the assassins shaking it as if it were an animal to drain the last drop of blood. Is this not a ritualistic act analogous to that which they did to Our Lord, draining the last drop of His Precious Blood with the lance of Longinus? Is this not a satanic ritual made by Muslims?

I saw another picture where they collect the Catholic blood and sell it openly to others.

Pope Francis Netanyahu

Francis bows before Shimon Perez

In a meeting with rabbis that took place in May 2014, Pope Bergoglio took care to hide his pectoral cross, because the Jews blaspheme against the Cross and become irate just to see It. At the same time, how many Jews and Muslims strut about – with their characteristic efods and cloaks - like the lords of the festival !

In another recent photo, Pope Francis bows before the Head of State of Israel, as if he were a simple particular greeting a sovereign pontiff. That is to say, a total inversion of roles.

Here I close these considerations, recalling the words of the psalmist: To Thee do I lift up my eyes, O thou who dwellest in the heavens. The glory of God cannot be sullied in vain.

Our Lady will always crush the head of the serpent. When it becomes puffed up and imagines it can swallow up everything, that is when the infernal kingdom crumbles because it is made of lies, deceptions and illusions.

“In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Let us pray that it does not delay much longer.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 17, 2014