Consequences of Vatican II
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Cybernetics and the Revolution in the Church

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

In its pristine form, cybernetics is associated with World War II torpedoes, programmed to be on a kind of self-managing system, to seek and knock out enemy ships. That's power at the bottom. On the top someone has to program the system, otherwise the transfer of power could not actuate.

When collegiality came into being, some of this cybernetic process was set up to rule the people of God. However, St. Francis de Sales, echoing St. Dionysius, stated that "it belongs principally to Bishops to conduct souls to perfection." (1)

I suppose our Bishops could claim this attribute, but they don’t. With the post-Vatican II mentality, they consider that to exercise their authority and guide the flock would be an act of scandal. What they do is to transfer their power to little groups, variously called Root Communities, Small Christian Communities or Basic Christian Communities. Whatever name they go under, they are creating cybernetic self-managing groups, or so it would seem. And just as the torpedo has to be programmed, so do these little groups.

In a study in the 1980's some interesting facts emerged about the Brazilian Basic Christian Communities, which set the model for all others. Among many things (for instance that the main objective is not religious, but socio-political), the members of these groups are first programmed by "well-trained monitors" (also called stimulators, coordinators, or leaders). Such monitors are, themselves, programmed by "a small group that `works behind the scenes'...but never appears." This group that "never appears" is called the "leavening group" and is "backed by a priest, nun or pastoral agent .... designed very cleverly in order to create the illusion that the members actually have a part in the co-management" of the small community. (2) The blueprint for all this was well-laid many decades ago by an arch-enemy of the Catholic Church.

In 1920 Alice Bailey wrote a book titled The Exteriorization of the Hierarchy. She predicted in her writings:
"Toward the end of the 20th century the Catholic Church will have adopted Masonic principles. It will keep, however, the appearance of religion to avoid alienating the faithful." (3)

In another book co-authored by Bailey in 1940 titled Disciples of a New Age, she wrote specifically of the mechanism that would bring about this adoption of Masonry:
"Group initiation, made possible by the self-initiated effort of individual disciples, carrying out the injunction of Christ and leading to a complete subordination of the personality and of the unit to the group interest and the group good. ... Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to love all beings and to apprehend and understand the true significance of the Aquarian technique of group love and work" (vol. 1).
Card. Mahoney allows homosexuals to recieve communion

Above, in Los Angeles Card. Mahony allows homosexuals wearing rainbow sashes to receive Communion. Below, many Bishops promote special Masses for homosexuals like the one.

A mass specifically for homosexuals
Let me offer one instance of a Bishops abuse of power to demonstrate the "I thought so little" syndrome that has infected them, and the foul sequel of authorizing the cybernized Renew program. The former Bishop of the diocese I belong to made a startling public revelation: the California Bishops "worked behind the scenes" to pass the "consenting adults" California bill known as AB489 in 1975. AB489 legalized "adulterous cohabitation, oral sex and sodomy between consenting adults." (4)

To ratify and validate this belief in homosexuality in a manner most disgusting, our Oakland Bishop and six of his priests concelebrated "a special Mass for homosexuals and lesbians." To wit:

"It wasn't just the piano player, dressed in a skintight, black, see-through body shirt, iridescent sparkling beads, gold earring, white Levis, and a broad-brimmed Panama hat, pounding out the cocktail music; and it wasn't just the specially designed rainbow banners; and it wasn't just the gay `security troops' marching around the church with their cellular phones and walkie-talkies; and it wasn't just the homosexual and lesbian couples walking hand in hand, with their children in tow; and it wasn't just the aging Dignity aficionados in their too-small Dignity T-shirts: but all combined to create a `queer atmosphere' that signifies Amchurch's evolution into a façade for the homosexual movement." (5)

When a self-managed torpedo develops a glitch, it can hit the wrong target in that wartime phenomenon where death occurs by friendly fire. This is precisely what has happened with the cybernetic plan of collegiality and its step-child Renew.

1. Introduction to the Devout Life, NY: Image Bks, 1955, p. 31.
2., "In South America, BCCs Are Like UFOs - Everyone Talks About Them, But No One Knows What They Are"; "Renew & Small Christian Communities: Do they address the real pastoral needs of South Africa? Is their track record good?" TFP Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 14.
3. This fact was mentioned in two lectures by His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay, March 5, 2002 and November 10, 2004.
4. The Wanderer, June 23, 1999;, November 1999 letters; Roman Catholic Witness, August 1999.
5. "Oakland Bishop's Gay Mass Strange in More Ways than One," The Wanderer, July 23, 1998,

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 19, 2007

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