Consequences of Vatican II
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The Spider

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

In a soliloquy fraught with despair, the old man Gerontion laments that Western civilization no longer exists, and spiders have moved in to take the place of believers. Gerontion's despair is redoubled because he, himself, is defiled by the "unforgivable sin" of the Pharisees. In his desolation he asks the question, "in a wilderness of mirrors, what will the spider do?" (1)

Gerontion contemplates spiders

Gerontion asks: "What will the spider do?"
We can reflect on why Gerontion chose a spider to make his point. Formidable things, spiders. With four pairs of legs, an armored body and eight eyes, they paralyze their victims by injecting them with venom from poison glands. Now, when a spider finds his way into a position of authority, big troubles exists.

The most perfect creatures God made are the angelic members of the Seraphim choir. In this, the highest of the nine choirs, there is a hierarchy, where each single angel is substantially higher in perfection than the one before. Of these, Lucifer, the Light Bearer, was at the peak of created perfection. When he fell, he kept his intelligence, a spider of the first rank, who hates us and hates the Church founded by the Divine Savior. When an important authority figure loses his vigilance, know that Lucifer and his demons will paralyze him with their poison from Hell.

For the last forty years, Catholics have had to witness spiders in high places of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, even in the Chair of Peter. Catholic clarity has been replaced with inane and revolutionary double-talk or outright betrayal. One such instance of betrayal, however, is virtually unknown to most people, Catholics or otherwise. It pertained to the highest moral authority in the world, Pope Paul VI, who sold out Americans to the Communists in Vietnam at the festivities of Tet. As a consequence, this gave the Communists their ultimate victory over the West at the cost of 50,000 American lives, and paved the way for every nation in the world "without exception" to become Communist (2).

American casualties of Vietnam

Americans troops betrayed by Paul VI in Vietnam
Indeed, in the 1960's Paul VI arranged for the Bishops of Vietnam to meet in Saigon, and he sent an emissary to advocate surrender to the Communists to bring peace. He did this through the influence of the metropolitan Nikodim, a bishop of the Russian Schismatic Church and a sycophant-parasite of the Soviet KGB.

Through Moscow, Nikodim brought a message from the Viet Cong, that the Communists in the North wanted peace, but needed six months to prepare for it. In that situation the Communists had absolutely no hope of winning, but Paul VI asked President Lyndon Johnson to stop our military from bombing the North until the Spring of 1968. By extending the customary Tet holiday truce in January of 1968, this hiatus of a few months allowed the Communists to re-arm and prepare for an onslaught against our forces and their allies (3).

As a result of that delay, several cities and strongholds were then assaulted by the Communists; but they miscalculated our strength and suffered catastrophic losses. Despite this, the leftist media in the United States managed to portray the Communists as achieving a victory (4). Their line was that Americans had been lied to, and our troops were losing, yet the truth was the exact opposite. Paul VI strengthened this sellout by having his Bishops vote against any furtherance of the war (5). The final result is that we lost to the Communists.

What can we make of a Pope committing an act so horrific? His betrayal, and those of the Conciliar Popes regarding other matters, are evident to whoever wants to see.

Today the Church and the world are in a crisis so critical that it is comprehensible only in the warnings of Fatima, where Our Lady said that "several nations" face annihilation. Commenting on Our Lord's words to feed His lambs and sheep (John 21: 15-17), St. Ambrose said that the lambs were the people and the sheep were the Bishops and priests. "Feed" in the style of Sacred Scripture is to guide, rule and govern. Consider what Catholics have been fed for some two-score years.

At the strategic level, deception in the field of national security is gravely serious. In his efforts to undermine hostile intelligence operations, the late James Angleton, formerly the CIA's head of counter-intelligence, confronted deception regularly. Known for his patience and suspicions (the latter including detente), he probed the minds and intentions of would-be informers from enemy nations.

A spider like statue of Paul VI

Paul VI: A higly placed spider

A defector had to give up valuable information from his regime to establish his credibility in his host country. But the authority in the host country then had to ask the question: “Can the person be giving up facts from his own country in order to pass lies to us? Is this person a double-agent?” Here a calculation must be made. If the agent is trying to deceive, that deception must be worth more than the intelligence he's giving up. Hence, the more truth he gives, the bigger the potential for deception: The bigger the truth, the more damaging the lie, so everything must be read backwards, "as in a mirror" (6)

But national security matters pale when compared to deception from the Vatican.

It can be estimated that the majority of Catholics have bought into the direction of Progressivism. Looking at this direction as if we were counter-intelligence experts, we can give definition to what has happened to the Church (7). Let us make a sound judgment as to whether or not double-agents have been giving direction to Catholics for the past forty years. To repeat the above principle: the more valuable the data given by an agent, the greater the potential for deception.

One writer, when responding to the question about what the spider will do in the wilderness, said, "Let the mirror decide." Perhaps the mirror has decided. All the loops, double-crosses, confusions, disorientations coming from Vatican II have acted as a wilderness of mirrors. The spider has accomplished its task, and paralyzed everyone but the counter-revolutionary Catholics that are part of the faithful remnant.

The triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will make clear those who fought Progressivism, and those who kept, in the words of St. Pius X, “a vile neutrality." Our Lord gave us exactly the same standard: neutrality is impossible, because "indifference becomes opposition" (8).
1. Gerontion, Greek for "little old man," is a poem by T.S. Eliot published in 1920. Cf. The Structure of Eliot's Gerontion, Jewel Spears Brooker, ELH, vol. 46, Summer 1979, pp. 314-340.
2. William Thomas Walsh, Our Lady of Fatima, NY: Image Books, 1947, p. 221.
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7. Intelligence is the collection, analysis, evaluation, integration and interpretation of available information.
8. Cf. L.C. Fillion, The Life of Christ, St Louis: Herder Book Co, 1943, vol. 2, p. 386.


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Posted March 28, 2007

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