Consequences of Vatican II
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The Brave New World of Progressivism

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

The great divide among Catholics today has many causes. Vatican II, the liturgy, the hierarchy, Modernism. All of these distill to form the pure sorcery of Progressivism, the fulcrum of destruction in the Church. One item, however, a sine qua non of the force that allows the desire to destroy to continue, surfaces by name only rarely. This is the baffling dualism that affects all but a few. Most Catholics today are indifferent to the macro, satisfied with the micro. When the micro-self is content, the macro (social order) is a non-topic. The apathy (and often hostility) of Progressivists on this matter can be expressed as follows:
"I have my parish, my priest, my Sacraments, my prayer life. Society under our modern and enlightened regime lets me keep these things, while making a good living. I vote for the candidate of my choice and thereby have not only freedom, but a certain power in our system. Things could be a lot worse, so don't lecture me about noble Catholic History with its cherished traditions or the glories of Christian Civilization. The Holy Father has judiciously and effusively apologized a hundred times to the world for the cruelty and oppression of that backward period."
This Frankenstein mentality is locked into the Progressivist heart with such granite hardness that it brings to mind the words of King David, "Harden not your hearts as at Meriba, as in the day of Massa in the desert” (1).

The dualist Protestant cries out, "The Bible yes, everything else, no;" while the Progressivist chants, "Adaptation yes, everything else, no." Translated, this means indifference to a new Age of Faith, content with a system that allows abortion, homosexual freedom, divorce, family breakdown. One can point to the pre-Conciliar teachings on the Kingship of Christ ad infinitum only to have them rebuffed by our present clerics, high and low, and those before them.

Times magazine, October 20, 2000
Time, October 20, 2000
Twenty-three years ago the U.S. Bishops collectively sought an expansion of those very social programs that produced "cultural genocide and moral economic poverty" in our society, adhering to "the tired old rhetoric of N.Y. Gov. Mario Cuomo" (2). Thirty-five years ago they "agreed publicly, in principle, to finance abortionists through the Campaign for Human Development"(3). The egregious record of a large portion of our current Hierarchy on homosexuality and other fruits of Progressivism is known to all and needs no mention.

St. Paul mentioned the "wicked deception" of the Antichrist, and how it will convince the people of his mission (2 Thess. 2: 9-10). St. John teaches that there will be "many Antichrists" (1 St. John 2: 18). In Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, the Grand Inquisitor is a man who once sought God, but in frustration he gave up his search and became an atheist. Nevertheless, he kept his love for humanity, and didn't want people to suffer. In his idealism, he argues that when the Antichrist comes he will invert the Sermon on the Mount, teaching the people not to seek God's Kingdom first, rather that material comes first, food and clothing, health care and housing, anything and everything endemic to the modern welfare State. Note well this notion, because it is the key to understanding the Progressivist soul.

Doubtlessly one of the paramount lies to be formed by the Antichrist, and pari ratione by the "many Antichrists," consists in "the revolt of human reason against the Divine Plan for Order" (4). Past warnings are clearly stated on the "wicked deception" about the social order. To wit:
Fr. Robert, the rock priest

Fr. Robert Latrobe commemorating Halloween when he was at St. Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, PA. Today, he calls himself a Punk Priest and has the due blessing of his local Bishop. He represents well the new world of Progressivism.
"Our Lord's program for Order may be outlined as follows: Firstly, Our Lord's Mystical Body and the Catholic Church, Supernatural and Supranational, which all States and Nations are called upon to acknowledge, has been established by God as the One Way for the ordered return of human beings to Him"(5).
There is no talk among Progressivists about Our Lord's program for order, because they are infested with a schizophrenic dualism that says, like those who crucified the Savior, "We have no king but Caesar." Like their predecessors of yore, the Progressivist dualists of today curtsy to their Catholic norms, while having no king but adaptation to every novelty.

This kind of dualism, which is turned to the adaptation of the Church to everything, but stands aloof from Catholic social order, is the product of professional mind manipulation.

It happened in Germany, and ushered in the Nazi regime, well documented in Aldous Huxley's sequel book, Brave New World Revisited (6). But what can we expect? Father Fahey, in his book, The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, lists as one of the "many Antichrists" Mahomet (7), yet both the present and past Pontiffs have publicly treated Mahomet’s writings as well as his followers with honors. The Devil will always try to tyrannize thought, which has been accomplished in our time by the foul doctrine of Progressivism.
1. Ps. 94: 8. Meriba means "contention," the place where the Israelites quarreled with the Lord.
2. San Francisco Examiner, The Bishops," Warren Brookes, November 27, 1984.
3. W.H. Marshner, "The Bishops' Strange Love," Triumph, June 1972.
4. Augustine Lemann, L'Antechrist, Lyons: Librarie Catholique Emmanuel Vitte, 1905, apud Denis Fahey, "The Coming of the Antichrist," Catholic Family News, March 2007.
5. Ibid.
6. Bantam Bks/NY, 1958.
7.Op cit, CFN, 22.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 30, 2007

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