Consequences of Vatican II
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The Laws of Thought
and the Heresy of Progressivism

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

There are three laws of thought: the law of identity, the law of non-contradiction, and the law of excluded middle. (1)

• Aristotle's law of identity proclaims that everything in existence has a specific nature (2).

• The law of non-contradiction, according to Aristotle, is that "one cannot say of something that it is and that it is not in the same respect and at the same time" (3). Both Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas taught that this is a fundamental principle of thought, "which can only be proved by showing the opponents of the principle to be themselves committed to it.” For example, Aristotle considers the case of a man who holds that a proposition is both true and false, and asks why that man takes the Megara road to get to Megara from Athens, since in his view it is just as true that any other road would get him to Megara (4).

• The law of excluded middle proclaims that "there is no middle ground between being true and being false", in reference to statements containing "completely unambiguous and perfectly precise terms (5).


All roads do not lead to Megara, above.    JPII breaks this law at Assisi, below, when he pretends all religions lead to Heaven

JPII welcomes all false religions at Assisi
The heresy of Progressivism was ushered in by John XXIII, and held in place by all of his successors. In reflection of the three laws of thought, some damaging evidences surface about these conciliar Popes. It seems all of them are direct violators of the first two laws, and have escaped indictment for the third.

Considering the law of identity, Our Lady prescribed that to conquer Communism, the Pope and all the Church's Princes shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Vatican II was the perfect time and place to do it, but John XXIII ignored the identity of evil described by the Mother of God, infatuated as he was with an opium-like optimism. Indeed, by his silence about the nature of Communism and the silence of the Council on the matter, the very nature of Our Lady’s message was rebuffed.

Paul VI joined John XXIII in his crime, then took the next step and rejected the identity of the Mass, putting in its place the magic show of Bugnini. John Paul II continued on this pathway, also ignoring the identity of Papal role, undertaking instead his world travel mania. He wanted people to see him. Benedict XVI has continued to follow his predecessors, warring against the identity of the Church's Faith, opposing her teachings on Jews, Moslems and Communists, the latter evinced in his recent shameless letter to the Chinese Catholics.

Turning to the law of non-contradiction, we can observe its violation by these same Popes. To be a progressivist one must practice double-think. The definition of double-think is holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously, which is precisely the definition of contradiction.

John XXIII opened the windows of the Church, whose mission is to preserve and teach the truth, to let in the opposite, which are the world's errors. It would be difficult to find a better example of contradiction, because "the friendship of this world is enmity with God." (James 4: 4). Paul VI declared that Satan's smoke was in the Church, while at the same time he installed centripetal blowers to increase its presence, making that smoke increasingly thicker and more polluted. John Paul II's Assisi ventures showed him to be a master at pantomiming the opposite of Catholic doctrine on evangelization.

Aristotle demonstrated the principle of contradiction by using the Megara road test. In that respect, the Assisi meetings clearly state that all roads lead to Heaven. This message has not been lost on progressivists, who believe that the dogma Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus is obsolete.

Pope Ratzinger also is a master at doublethink. In the past, he affirms one thing about the Third Secret, saying that in it, “Our Lady warns that there will be an evil council. And she warned against the changes: She warned against making changes in the liturgy; changes in the Mass. This is explicitly set forth in the Third Secret" (6). However, the same Card. Ratzinger was the one who tried to close the doors on the Third Secret forever, when in 2000 he offered an incomplete and disputable version of it, one that had nothing to do with a council or a crisis inside the Church. Also Benedict, like his predecessors, affirms that Vatican II cannot be evil, even with the egregious, rotten fruits that came from it.

The law of excluded middle is another matter. It pertains to statements "containing completely unambiguous and perfectly precise terms." Progressivists, have placed themselves outside of this law. It has been said, "Whenever law ends, tyranny begins" (7). Safe within their tyranny, progressivists.refuse to make clear statements.

Where is the evidence for this? Read the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? by Atila Sinke Guimaraes. In the first volume, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, it is demonstrated that Vatican II is infested with ambiguous and imprecise language. Pari passu all Popes back to Paul VI consider themselves immune to the law of excluded middle. They are above it, or below it.
1. W.E. Johnson, Logic, University of Cambridge, Part I, chap. 14.
2. Joseph Rowlands, “A is A: Aristotle's Law of Identity,” in Jeff Landauer & Importance of Philosophy, 2001.
3. "Law of non-contradiction," Wikipedia.
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7. John Locke, Second Treatise. , NY: Foundation for a Christian Civilization, 1980, p. 30.

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Posted August 3, 2007

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