Consequences of Vatican II
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The Mathematical Curve of Progressivism

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

The founding fathers of Progressivism fully grasped a mathematical principle. By planting their virus at the Second Vatican Council, they knew there was a mathematical curve, a time variation, within which period they could operate in their plan to destroy the Church. Their diabolical clever-ness advised them that their virus would grow, slowly at first, and with time exponentially.

But the law of growth must face another law, that of saturation. With saturation comes a slowing of growth, until the growth finally ceases altogether. Two major salvos fired by progressivist fathers and Popes should be listed here to illustrate this point. Salvo number one was fired by Cardinals Suenens, a Council Father, and Ratzinger, the present Pontiff, Benedict XVI.

Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church

Cardinal Suenens approvingly declared that "Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church" (1). Then-Cardinal Ratzinger stated that the text of Gaudium et spes represents on the part of the Church, an attempt at official reconciliation with the new era inaugurated in 1789 by the French Revolution (2).

These two Prelates could not have been more honest about their desire to destroy the Church, the sine qua non for ushering in the new world church. A major part of the French Revolution was its policy of "de-Christianisation." Here are the tenets of this policy:
Cardnal Suenens

Suenens: "Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church"
  • The deportation of Catholic clergy and the condemnation of many of them to death.

  • The institution of revolutionary and civic cults, including the Cult of Reason and subse-quently the Cult of the Supreme Being.

  • The large-scale destruction of religious monuments.

  • The outlawing of public and private worship.

  • The prohibition of religious education.

  • Forced marriages of the clergy.

  • Forced apostasy from the priesthood,

  • The enactment of a law on October 21, 1793, the Law of the Suspects, which threatened with prison and death any person, including clergy, who did not agree with the principles of the French Revolution (3).

These seven points were also used by Progressivism to destroy the Catholic Church. Let me apply them:
  • Fully one quarter of the clergy apostatized, that is, they self-deported themselves from the Church following the Council, and that was only the beginning of an enormous crisis of vocation that remains to this date. They suffered spiritual death.

  • The Cult of Reason in the new church is its dependence on the Enlightenment.

  • The large scale destruction of religious monuments was made by the Liturgical Reform of Paul VI.

  • The de facto prohibition of the true Mass since 1969.

  • Catholic education was not explicitly forbidden, but was completely deconstructed with the application of the principles of Vatican II.

  • The spirit of adaptation of the Church to the modern world produced an enormous quantity of priests and religious who left their state of celibacy to marry. For those who remained, Progressivism is strongly advocating the abolition of celibacy so that all can marry.

  • Any Bishop, priest or religious who did not agree with Vatican II was considered suspect and put under a psychological arrest. This was the equivalent of a moral torture to those who did want to obey the authority but did not want to deny the Catholic Faith.

These are the consequences of the principles expressed by both Cardinals Suenens and Ratzinger: Vatican II was the French Revolution in the Church.

The conciliar Popes adopted the principles of the UN on war

Salvo number two was fired by two of the post-Conciliar Popes. Paul VI and John Paul II have made it clear that they reject Catholic teaching on the subject of just war. They based themselves on the sophism: if a nuclear capacity exists, it nullifies the Catholic teaching about just war. Paul VI's words have echoed around the world, "Never again war, never again war!"(4)

Fanfari, PaulVI & U Thant

Above, Fanfari (left) and U Thant greet Paul VI at the UN.   Below, JP II addresses thge 50th UN Assembly

Paul VI at the UN
Paul VI visited the UN once, during the Council, and brought to it his papal support and those of the conciliar Bishops. John Paul II visited the UN twice. At each visit, he endorsed the Masonic principles of the UN. Let us see what Benedict XVI will do at the UN in April of this year when he is expected to deliver a message along the same lines. These Popes are supporting the Progressivist-Masonic agenda to end national sovereignty, to end all wars forever, and to impose peace – by law or force – on all peoples (5).

War will always exist, simply because evil and good cannot exist together. This is the reason for the first war in Heaven among the Angels. Also, we should consider that human nature fell into Original Sin, and human misery can be present in the launching or waging of war.

Our Lady knows well what war is. She gave mankind instructions about governing through Venerable Mary of Agreda. She was specific about warfare. In speaking about the art of governing, she listed four kinds of prudence. The first pertains to the supreme authority, the second to politics, the third to economics, and the fourth to the military. This military prudence "is adapted to prosecution of wars and management of armies"(6).

Hence these conciliar Popes not only reject Catholic teaching about war, but rebuff Our Lady.

The errors taught by Progressivism over the past half century are reaching their mathematical curve. Catholics have had enough of them. The errors of the French Revolution in the Church and the rejection of Catholic doctrine on war are just two examples where the people are over-saturated. Catholics are reaching their final saturation point, and the progressivist leadership knows it. It’s impossible not to hypothesize that one motive for loosening restrictions on the Mass of 1962 was tactical (or, if you will strategic): to stop the resistance of the faithful Catholics to the Vatican II revolution.

Until the final saturation comes, the Catholic remnant stands ready for the chastisements predicted in Fatima and the final triumph of the Mother of God, "that great age of the Church which is to be the Age of Mary," according to St. Louis Grignion de Monfort(7).
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7. Louis Mary de Montfort, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, NY: The Montfort Father's 1950, p. xiii.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 4, 2008

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