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The Bishop and His ‘Prophetess’

Ranjit Morris, India

This article of Mr. Morris about his country – as well as others that he may submit – should be viewed from a certain vantage point by our readers. Here in the U.S., we hear about and lament the violent attacks perpetrated by the Hindus on the Catholic Church in India. However, we do not hear about how the progressivist Bishops – who are very powerful and despotic in the few regions where Catholicism is accepted – take stern measures, at times even inflicting physical punishments, to stop Catholics from criticizing them. These violent retaliations are feared among the faithful. Hence many witnesses of their wrongdoings wish to remain anonymous. When Ranjit Morris exposes the corruption of one of those Prelates, he does not always reveal his sources. What he affirms, however, are recognized facts. The Editor.
On October 13, 2008, Mathrubhumi, a reputed Malayalam daily in the Indian State of Kerala, carried an explosive story on the Bishop John Thattumkal of Cochin. The daily reported that the Bishop had legally adopted a 26-year-old lady named Sonya, who is the fourth child of an “Orthodox” cleric of the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Bishop Thattumkal had befriended the family when they joined his group of pilgrims to the Holy Land as part of the Latin Rite Diocese of Cochin’s 450th founding anniversary celebrations.

Bishop John Thattumkal of Cochin

Bishop Thattumkal upsets his flock by having a young woman sleeping under his roof
According to the Bishop, Sonya is a vessel of the Lord and can prophesy. The newspaper also quoted the Bishop, who said that he “feels spiritually awakened whenever he is in the presence of the girl,” who is an MBA student as well. It is also reported that she was lodged in the Bishop’s house several times.

Archbishop Daniel Acharuparampil of the neighbouring Latin Archdiocese of Verapoly has conducted an inquiry and the report has been sent to Papal Nuncio Pedro Lopez Quintana in New Delhi. It is well-known among Catholics that several senior priests and laymen have openly come out against the action of their pastor. They say his act of adoption is scandalous and has no canonical justification.

Meanwhile several Catholics of the Cochin Diocese as well as a prominent lay journalist, who requested to remain anonymous, allege that the Bishop is under the demonic spell of the lady, who has “miraculous powers of prophesy and bouts of ecstasy when she squirts blood from her mouth.”

The Catholic journalist found out from confidants of the Bishop that the young lady had promised him that she would get rid of the demons in his Diocese through her blood. Apparently, the Bishop had smeared her ‘miraculous blood’ in several parts of his residence, including his chapel, in a clandestine nocturnal ceremony recently. Diocesan sources also allege that the lady prophesied to the Bishop that she would bear a son who would save Cochin Diocese from spiritual bankruptcy and would later save the world. Sources close to the Bishop say that the girl is already pregnant.

Bishop Thattumkal has said that there is nothing wrong in adopting a girl, as he has gone through all legal procedures with the full consent of Sonya’s parents. He alleged that some priests, who were transferred because of alleged mismanagement of affairs, were spreading malicious rumours about him and the ‘divine young woman’ who is destined to save his Diocese.

The Bishop had come under fire earlier for running a massage parlour for tourists at Fort Kochi, the well-known beachside heritage town where the Bishop resides, under the auspices of the Diocese. Interestingly, he also runs an outlet for sensuous perfumes adjacent to his residence.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 22, 2008

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