Three kisses

catholicWhy Did Francis Visit the Mosque in Bangui?
To discourage the Catholic resistance against Muslim terrorism

catholicProstituting God's Plan
Conciliar ecumenism turns God's plan for unity to Satan's purpose

catholicWhat Card. Eijk Forgot to Say
His weak defense of Trent during Christian Unity Week raises attention

catholicCard. Bergoglio: ‘The Church Universal Needs Anglicans’
Anglicans should be accepted without conversion

catholicVatican Envoy Calls Hindu Temple ‘a Symbol of Religious Integrity’
On a tour of the temple dedicated to the devil

catholicMüller, Protestants & Justification
Where the Joint Declaration of Catholics/Lutherans is leading

catholicThe Spirit of Madonna House - Part 1
Its founder promotes ecumenism 'inspired by the Spirit'

catholicThe Spirit of Madonna House - Part 2
Fr. Eugene Cullinane & Catherine Doherty

catholicThe Spirit of Madonna House - Part 3
Catherine Doherty’s sympathy for Socialism

catholic Anglican Leader & Pope Pray Together
Another communicatio in sacris at San Gregorio in Rome

catholic Benedict’s Method of Twisting the Facts
He pretends that St. Pius X supported ecumenism

catholicBenedict XVI Opposes St. John Chrysostom
One sends greetings for Jewish feasts; the other preaches against them

catholicHonoring Luther’s 95 Theses
Vatican proposes another 'mea culpa' for the Church

catholicA Guru, Two Popes & Mother Teresa
Strange words of praise for Hindu guru Sri Chinmoy

catholicFulton Sheen, an Ardent Ecumenist
For him any religion would lead to Christ and salvation

catholicPius XII and the Russian ‘Saints’
An early attempt to promote ecumenism

catholicBenedict Praises Religious Syncretism
Brother Schutz ‘is in Heaven’ and Taize community ‘is great’

catholicJewish ‘Miracles’ and Curses from Heaven
Benedict announces his visit to the Rome synagogue

catholicA Rabbi Who Rejects Christ Lectures the Church of Christ
The Church - not the synagogue – has the mandate to interpret Scripture

catholicBenedict’s Unprecedented Ecumenical Synod
A rabbi and a Schismatic prelate address Bishops. It's time to say 'Enough!'

catholicModern Ecumenism Condemned by Sacred Scripture - Part 1
Forbids all religious intermingling between Catholics and non-Catholics

catholicModern Ecumenism Condemned by Sacred Scripture - Part 2
Why Catholics must avoid all interfaith meetings and ecumenical events

catholicPraying with Heretics – Where is the Catholic Resistance?
The ecumenical agenda pushes forward - Traditionalists almost silent

catholicEcumenical Chapel at St. Paul Outside the Walls - Part 1
How Benedict XVI is advancing his ecumenical agenda for 2008

catholic Ecumenical Chapel at St. Paul Outside the Walls - Part 2
A decision that is against Catholic doctrine

catholicPlease, Don’t Call Protestants Christians
A concrete way to fight religious indifferentism

catholicThe Pope at the Mosque – A Scandal
Benedict XVI humiliates the Papacy before the Muslim religion in Turkey

catholicInadmissible Concessions, Once Again
Benedict XVI stays the course on the Assisi encounters

catholicA New Red Pope
Benedict names Ivan Dias for the Evangelization of the Peoples

catholicWYD in Cologne: No Sign that the Tide Has Turned
The doctrinal problems for traditionalist youth at WYD 2005

catholicHeathen Prayer at National Cathedral in Mexico
John Vennari analyzes the visit of the Dalai Lama to the Mexico City Cathedral

catholicThe Vatican Wishes Hindus a Happy Dwali
This is no way to protect children's souls and faith, says Gary Morella

catholicThe Hand-Over of the Icon of Kazan
How the Kazan story ends with a triple betrayal of the Catholic Church

catholicBuddhism Taught at Loyola University
The bad fruits of inter-religious dialogue

catholicThe Myth of a Converted Russia
Russia didn't convert at all. One more bluff.

catholicActions Speak Louder than Words
Dalai Lama at Fatima: Theater or real devotion?

catholicThey Ask for Bread, and Receive Stones ...
Why are Catholic youth suffering an identity crisis?

catholicRabbi Sherwin Said ...
The Jewish religion presented as a model for Catholics

catholicCuriousities from the "Orthodox" Arena
A schismatic Dominus Jesus

catholicThe October Revolution I
The Augsburg accord with Protestants destroys the Catholic doctrinal edifice

catholicThe October Revolution II
Pan-religious meetings head toward a socialist liberation struggle

catholicNon Possumus
Can the doctrine of Trent on justification be superceded?

catholic Dominus Jesus on Trial
Atila Guimarães challenges Michael Davies on the document's orthodoxy - Polemic

catholicDevils of the Air and a Change in the Papacy
Why is the Pope asking for a change in the Papacy?

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