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The Transient Marvels of Alaska

One of our readers, Mrs. S.G., sent us these marvelous photos taken from ice sculptures that were entries at the Fairbanks Ice Festival - 2009 in Alaska. We are pleased to share them with our readers to show our country's exuberant art skill and creativity. We consider these displays of beauty worthwhile and valuable, even thought some pragmatic spirits might consider them wasted efforts since the ice will shortly melt. TIA

A chariot carved out of ice

A fountain carved out of ice

An ornate ice sculpture

An elaborate ice sculpture

A castle tower sculpted from ice

An elaborate ice statue

mythical ice sculptd from ice

A dragon sculpted from ice

A huge building sculpted from ice

Dinosaur ice sculptures

A palace carved from the ice


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 7, 2009

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