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True Peace Will Not be Achieved
Until the End of Time

Gary Morella (Excerpts)

We are never going to have true peace in the world as long as the devil continues to work to take as many people to hell as he can. Our concupiscence (tendency toward sin) as a result of Original Sin will not go away until we meet our Maker at the judgment with, hopefully, eternal salvation as our reward in the next life as a function of our actions in this one. That used to be a fundamental precept of our Faith. That it is no longer because it has become an embarrassment for many is at the root of the problem ….

One cannot disarm spiritually or physically because the demon has another goal in mind instead of our eternal salvation. In short, we can never drop our guard. A former prime minister of Britain told the world that by compromising with Hitler we would have “a peace in our time.” He forgot about the existence of the devil. Many of our clergy have done the same thing as evidenced by their emphasis on the natural instead of the supernatural.

The world cannot allow rogue states to sponsor terrorist networks whose warped view of religion means domination by force …. Islam basically is not a “friendly” religion that wants to co-exist with any other peacefully. It is an historical fact that beheadings are common punishment for anyone who has anything disparaging to say about Islam in Islamic countries. To allow states that sponsor terrorism with impunity to go unchallenged plays right into the devil’s hands. What do we do? Nothing? What kind of message is that to the terrorists? How many more skyscrapers do they have to destroy, and innocents do they have to kill before the states sponsoring them have the plug pulled? …. The United States was formally attacked by all of the states that sponsor terrorism such as Al Qaeda on September 11 …

To say as the liberal peaceniks do “No more war, ever!” ignores the fact that sometimes wars are used by God to wake us up as to what our main priorities should be, which is of no concern to them, given their “values.” We have seen their values many times nationally – the promotion of hedonism at all costs. It is ironic that the very individuals crying “no more war” are those most responsible [by their lack of vigilance] for wars occurring around the world …

Painting of the battle of Lepanto

The Catholic fleet defeated the Ottoman armada in the Greek gulf of Lepanto on October 7, 1571
Pope Saint Pius V requested that many Rosaries be said for the defeat of the Turkish fleet at Lepanto on the first Sunday of October in 1571. As a result, the members of the Rosary Confraternity made many processions at Rome on that same day. The defeat of the Turks and triumph of the Christian forces occurred mainly because of those prayers. …. However, Lepanto was not the last battle for Christendom. Many others followed and will follow ….

Until the Second Coming [of Christ], we must be ever vigilant, armed by our Faith that certain actions are ultimately necessary to defend that Faith from those who would try to take it away from us – whether the attempt is made externally or internally.

What we are essentially hearing today [preached by Catholic ecclesiastics] is that countries do not have the right to defend themselves when they are viciously attacked. Rather, they must ask permission from a global new world order organization [the UN] …. What is most disturbing is that many clerics hold to this view. Just what are you supposed to do when state-sponsored terrorists hijack your airliners and crash them into the largest buildings of one of your major cities, killing thousands of innocent people? Is this not a dastardly act of war on the part of those sponsoring terrorist states? To do nothing in light of what happened on September 11 is to invite more of the same. No country needs permission from anyone to defend itself when attacked ….

The traditional “just war” Catholic teaching is redefined, making it unrecognizable to Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. The truths of the Faith, in particular, the existence of a constant spiritual warfare for our souls that manifests itself in the devil encouraging every kind of evil act possible, are overlooked. This spiritual warfare is the reason for the constant turmoil in the world. And it will stop only when real peace arrives at the end of time in the next life ….

Posted on April 27, 2003

Blason de Charlemagne
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