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Is Nazism a Movement
of the Left or the Right?

Hugh O’Reilly

In the last decades, we have witnessed a rebirth of Nazism here and there in the political spectrum, and also in cultural and religious circles linked to traditionalist movements. I am not speaking only of fringe groups in society such as the skinheads, biker gangs, German weapon aficionados or anti-Jewish maniacs.

Neo-nazis protesting in Illinois

In Illinois neo-nazis protest against a Tolerance Museum
I refer to whole sections of public opinion, such as the followers of the National Front of Jean Marie Le Pen in France, which, although having good points in its agenda, seem to lean toward a reinstallation of National Socialism. Also worthy of attention is the growing influence of the Northern League (Lega Nord) in Italy, which supports several points similar to Fascism.

In sectors of the traditionalist movement it is not rare to hear sighs of nostalgia for Petain’s regime in France and the Franco dictatorship in Spain, simplistically presented as ideal regimes that supported the Church and Catholic customs. Also the steady promotion of Distributism, with its Socialist trends and strong anti-Capitalist hues, allow one to wonder whether some old branches of Nazism camouflaged in Catholic attire are not alive in some traditionalist sectors.

Feeding the tendency…

The invariable arrogance of the Israeli State in its treatment of the Palestine people and other Arab countries, as well as its draconian demands that hinder Catholics from venerating our own places in the Holy Land only feed a growing public anti-Jewish sentiment. For example, during his trip there, Benedict XVI was forbidden to say an outdoor Mass in Jerusalem and only allowed to do so in Bethlehem.

Students at the LA Tolerance Museum

Students are obliged to hear the Jewish propaganda at the Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles
Also we are experiencing the increasing intrusion of Jewish propaganda in the life of Western man. A propaganda that presents their exaggerated number of Jews killed by the Nazis as ‘dogma.’ Likewise, the consequences of this action are blown out of proportion. One such consequence was the demand for Germany to pay exorbitant compensations and ask public forgiveness for war crimes – far beyond the just penalties established at the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences that were duly satisfied.

In other countries, including the United States, liberal laws proposed by Jewish-American politicians oblige public schools and State employees to visit Tolerance Museums or similar institutions where their minds are painstakingly indoctrinated and filled with unjust anti-German and anti-Catholic prejudices.

I feel, in public opinion, a silent but growing exasperation with this abusive psychological dictatorship of the media and liberal laws, and I wonder whether the saturation point has almost been reached. If this were the case, we could well see in the near future a serious wave of popular anti-Jewish indignation similar to those waves that preceded WWI and WWII.

Taking this possibility into consideration, I thought it opportune to warn Catholics not to accept the “false right” invitation to step foot into the Nazi or Fascist camps to supposedly save our countries from the increasing Socialist-Jewish dominance.

The first thing to do, I believe, to halt this march toward a false alternative is to offer some information showing that Nazism is not a true rightist position, but a caricature of it. Some research took me to an article by Cunha Alvarenga in the Brazilian monthly Catolicismo (November 1952). I will summarize for TIA readers the data he set out there.

Socialism & Nazism

It was the French Revolution that gave impetus to the leftist movement in Europe. The real motor of the left is not its materialist character, but its egalitarianism spirit that aims to transform humankind into a homogeneous, unvaried, collectivist unit. This has been the goal of Socialist International since its foundation. This is what Socialist parties try to do everywhere: to win elections in a country and remake society by means of Socialist laws and State coercion.

Le Pen

Le Pen is increasingly popular in France
National Socialism is, as the name tells us, the fusion of Socialism with an unbalanced love for one’s country. The word “nationalization” is normally taken as synonymous with “socialization.” For example, when we say the Obama administration “nationalized” many banks and automobile factories, we understand that the government “socialized” it.

It was the leftist forces – not the rightist – that were responsible for the birth of Nazism. It first took shape as the German Workers Party in Bohemia and Moldavia to dispute elections with the Czech Socialist Party. In 1918 it took the name National Socialism and was transplanted to Germany, where it lost the election in 1923. After that, however, it conquered the Reich by copying the electoral methods of the Democratic Socialist Party.

Gustav Stolper, an Austrian refugee in the U.S, offers some interesting data in his book This Age of Fables (New York, 1942):
  • The presentation of Nazism as a rightist movement was a Marxist invention;

  • Jewish businessmen provided significant funds for the rise of Nazism;

  • The greatest source of income for the Nazi Party, however, was contributions from the members of the lower class.

  • Nazism was not a movement of nobles, but of the German masses against their elites;

  • To this number were added leftist intellectuals and artists of an anti-democratic tendency and esoteric background.

  • Nazism was characterized by being against large and medium agrarian properties.
These are some data that show the similarities of Nazism and Socialism.

Nazism & Bolshevism

Nazism attacked private property by melting all properties in the State furnace, so that owners lost their rights over their lands and houses and became mere administrators of them. Nazism also usurped properties of the Church.

Goebbels giving a speech

Goebbels: 'Nazism shares the aims of Communism'
The Dutch Catholic paper Maasbode (October 19, 1936) denounced Nazism as a forerunner of Communism because it destroyed the people’s authentic characteristics and transformed them into a mass. It published a letter from the German minister Joseph Goebbels – taken from the official paper of the Nazi Party, Voelkische Beobachter – to the Communist leader of Moscow at the time, which we reproduce here. Goebbels affirmed:

“We attack one another without being true enemies. Doing so, we are scattering our forces without attaining our goals. It can be that necessity will make us merge. It can well be so! We, the youth, will shape the destiny of the future generations. Let us not forget it. Greetings.”

The Maasbode article correctly adds that Nazism did not attack Communism as such, but only as its political opponent in the German elections. On the international level Nazism attacked Russia not for ideological reasons, but moved by a mere conflict of interests.

It is my hope that these data – there is much more still to be written – may help Catholics today to avoid the Nazi temptation that comes from the growing public exasperation with Jewish propaganda.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Based upon and translated from Catolicismo, November 1952

Posted May 24, 2010

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