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Fourth of July Homage - 2021

Fourth July homage - TIA

When we see fraud, illegitimacy and insurrection working together in the highest spheres of power at the service of Communism, we turn to Divine Providence. We pray that, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ may enlighten the healthier part of our Nation and make it realize that only an American Patriotism based on the principles of Christian Civilization can prevent our Country from losing its independence and falling into the abyss where it is being led.

May those who see the seriousness of the situation continue to organize and speak out boldly so that more and more people will resist the domestic enemies who have infiltrated the highest positions of our three branches of power.

If we do so, then the bad leaders shall lose their influence and the authentic leaders shall rise up from the good to direct our beloved Country on the grandiose path it should walk to fulfill its vocation.


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We would appreciate if you would not forget TIA on this Fourth of July.
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