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Source for JPII Kissing the Koran

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Dear TIA,

As a person "raised" a Catholic, I surveyed your website with keen interest. I find the apparent ecumenical movement most disturbing. The things they are doing conflict with the past teaching of the Church and no one seems to notice. Worse yet, they act like it doesn't matter. Or they deny the facts and say the conservatives are exaggerating.

For example, when I told a friend about the Pope kissing the Koran, she denied it and said that this was just a rumor and there was no proof for this. Do you know if the story and/or picture of the Pope kissing the Koran was carried on any major news media outlet ? If so, would you share that information please ?



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TIA responds:

A news report on the topic is in the June 1, 1999 issue of FIDES News Service, a Vatican agency. It reproduced an interview with Catholic Patriarch Raphael I, who was present when John Paul II kissed the Koran.

The original report in Catholic World News transcribing the FIDES' dispatch can be found at the bottom of the comment posted on our Church Revolution in Pictures page.  Click here.


TIA correspondence desk
Posted October 28, 2005

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