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Oscar Cullmann and Cardinal Augustin Bea toasting    Ratzinger shaking hands with Oscar Cullmann

Left, 30 Dias -  July 1992   -  Right, 30 Dias  - February 1999.

Lutheran theologian Oscar Cullmann was the Protestant equivalent of Cardinal Augustin Bea as a pioneer of present day Ecumenism
(above left, the two toast the future).

Cullmann was one of the observers of the false religions invited to Vatican II.
Afterwards, he found in Joseph Ratzinger a stalwart supporter of his ideas.

Later, the media began to spread that Ratzinger was a "conservative." Based on such stories, two reporters asked Cullmann about his continued good relationship with Ratzinger. Here is the question and answer:
Question: "How do you explain this dialogue with a personage whom many Catholics view as reactionary and an enemy of ecumenical dialogue?"

Answer: "I do not understand it. It is an erroneous opinion. I met Ratzinger 30 years ago, at Vatican Council II. He was the best of the so-called expert theologians or periti, with a reputation for being a radical progressivist" (1).
After Cullmann died, Ratzinger paid him this homage:

"Cullmann and I were linked by a profound spiritual friendiship
since the times of the Council" (2).

One of the principle points Cullmann expounded was that St. Peter had no successor. Above right, he is warmly greeted by John Paul II.

1. Oscar Cullmann, "O filho de Lutero e Ratzinger," interview with Lucio Brunelli and Affred Labhart,
in 30 Dias, March 1993, P.13.
2.30 Dias, "Radio Vaticano: Ratzinger lembra de Oscar Culmann, o teologo da
Historia da salvacao," February 1999, p. 21.

A black and white photograph of Ratzinger

30 Dias -  October 1990


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Posted May 1, 2005

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