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Ecological Benedictine nuns

The Benedictine Sisters' ecological party

Tired of their serious and sacral life as spouses of Jesus Christ, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica in Fort Smith, Arkansas, have arranged a way to have fun. Each year they throw an ecological party wherein sisters of the Order give short talks on a topic and dress accordingly.

Above left, from the left, in 2003 Sister Adrian represents a grizzly bear; Sr. Anita, a butterfly; Sr. Magdalen, fire; Sr. Emelia, soil; Sr. Anne Michele, lichen; Sr. Rosalie holds a balloon representing the moon, and Sr. Consuela depicts coral reefs. At right, Sr. Dolorita represents water; Sr. Rosetta, wind; Sr. Kimberly Rose, time; Sr. Catherine, clouds; Sr. Christine (seated), a goat; Sr. Elise, a coyote; Sr. Rachel, a mountain, and Sr. Maurine depicts a tree.

The spirit of these celebrations seems completely at variance with that of St. Benedict, co-founder and inspirer of the Benedictine Sister, who wrote in his Rule:

"Coarse jests, and idle words or speech provoking laughter, we condemn everywhere to eternal exclusion; and for such speech we do not permit the disciple to open his lips" (Chap. VI).

Below, first row, the only new costumed sister in this photo is Sr. Agatha representing a turtle. Second row, at left, in 2005 Sr. Madeline C. as a chicken; at right, Sr. Madeline B. as an elephant.

Third row,, Sr. Rosalie, the coordinator of the festivity, wears an aqua ecological t-shirt. Sr. Gabriel, the moderator, has a picture of the Noah's Ark hanging from her neck.

Ecological Benedictine nuns in various nature themed costumes

Photos from St. Scholastica Monastery website


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 29, 2006

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