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The performance of Jesus and the Thre Marys

Blasphemous performance at a Catholic church in Lucerne

In Mariahilf Church in Lucerne, Switzerland, the old church of the Ursuline Convent, the play Jesus and the Three Marys [Jesus und die drei Mareien] by author Hansjorg Schneider has been performed.

Above, we see the three Marys: at left in a mini-skirt and red vest is St. Mary Magdalene, at right, in leather apparel and black lace gloves is the second Mary, supposedly St. Mary of Cleophas, the mother St. James the Lesser. Behind the actor in the center representing Jesus Christ, is Mary Salome, the mother of St. James the Greater and St. John.

Below first row, in another scene St. Mary Magdalene, now showing her legs and thighs, is pictured washing the feet of Jesus who sits legs outspread over a large metal basin.

In the play, the virgin birth of Our Lord is mocked, and St. Joseph is depicted in an open revolt against God the Father.

Mariahilf Church is vacant today, with no Masses said in it. It is rumored that the Diocese is considering selling it to the Muslims to become a mosque. Meanwhile, it was leased out for the performance of this play, with the due permission of Bishop of Basel, Kurt Koch, to whom Lucerne is subordinate. Before the performance, the Catholic Churches of Lucerne are thanked for the financial support they are providing for this play.

The series of performances started on December 8, 2007, feast of the Immaculate Conception, and will play many times a week until March 22, 2008. The dates included Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; it will also be performed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The washing of the feet at the 'Jesus and the Three Marys' play

A sinister scene of the 'Jesus and the Three Mayrs' play

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 27, 2008

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