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Muddy Nuns

National Catholic Reporter, February 23, 2007

Muddy Dominican Nuns
In an effort to attract vocations, the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs in Columbus, Ohio, published the above ad in several Catholic papers. It invites those who supposedly have a religious vocation to "get your hands and feet dirty with us."

Two attractive young women, in their early 30s or late 20s, appear in quite modern outfits. The one at left wears rolled-up pants and a blouse unbuttoned to her midriff. The other is in a windbreaker, but sports a short wrap-around skirt, with its front flap partially opened. The women, barefoot, are stepping into a hole of mud. They tell the candidate that she should "preach the Gospel with her life."

Now, how should one interpret the invitation to get your hands and feet dirty with the Dominican Sisters?

It seems that the mud that soils their feet are the bad things of the world, into which the religious supposedly should step and try to exert a good influence. But, given that these nuns have taken on the bad customs of the world instead of keeping their traditional religious customs, one can only wonder who is influencing whom in this operation. Are the nuns changing the world or vice-versa? It seems like the world is winning. Why, then, should any girl enter the religious life if she will find the world in it?

It is a concrete example of the failure of the adaptation of the religious life to the modern world, preached by Vatican II.

Below, professed Dominican nuns in pants and shorts, sitting on the floor, gather for prayer around a circular cloth with candles - an altar?
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Posted September 21, 2008

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