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Kuala Lumpur

Preparing a Catholic Priestess in Malaysia
The Catholic German-speaking community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is led by Fr. Bernhard Roterman.

Above you see him with his "liturgical assistant" at his side - dressed almost like him. No doubt the message is this: "One day soon she will become a priest(ess) like me." Reinforcing this impression, she performs on the altar during Mass along with the parish priest, below first row; she preaches during Mass, second row, and finally, after doing so much "sacred ministry" together, they enjoy some drinks, third row.

You can also see Fr. Roterman forming another female Eucharistic minister, as shown in the fourth row left, and allowing a parishioner to light a Hindu Diwali lamp on the altar inside his Church in October, right.

This is how the winds of Vatican II are blowing in Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur 02a

Kuala Lumpur 05a

Catholic Conservation
Posted May 3, 2009

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