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Desecration large hosts 01

Desecration of the Holy Eucharist by adopting large hosts
We learn from the Catholic Liturgy, Catechism and Tradition that in the Consecration of the Holy Species at Mass, the host must be a size that fits the chalice, as shown in the two pictures below first row. It was so in the past and it must be so forever.

The size of the traditional host is carefully determined to prevent any of the particles of the Sacred Body of Our Lord from falling anywhere except the chalice containing the Precious Blood. The rituals of Communion and Purification in the Mass are extremely careful on this matter. Also, since the Holy Host that is consecrated in the view of the faithful is meant to be taken by the priest, it must be of a size that a man can consume quickly and expediently

One of the most unpleasantt novelties of Vatican II's Liturgical Reform was the disproportional increase in the size of the Holy Host, as shown above, and below, second and third rows.

In consecrating such enormous Hosts, the particles of the Body of Christ will necessarily fall outside the limits of the chalice, facilitating the desecration of the Holy Eucharist. Further, one man cannot normally consume that pizza-size Host, which obliges the priest to break it into many parts to distribute to the faithful and, again, increase the chances of desecration.

What is the real reason that inspired this extravagant change except to diminish the importance of the Holy Eucharist? Is it not meant to please Protestants who do not believe in Holy Communion? If this is so, then Catholic Popes and priests adopt a careless position toward the Eucharist in order to please heretics. One can only wonder whether they still believe in Transubstantiation.

Desecration large hosts 02

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Posted May 31, 2009

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