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Benedict at the mosque in Amman 1

Benedict: The Crusades were just ‘misunderstandings’...
On May 9, 2009, in a speech delivered inside the largest mosque in Amman, Jordan, Benedict XVI referred to the centuries-old fight of the Catholic Faith against Islam as just "misunderstandings." Indeed, these were his words:

Muslims and Christians, precisely because of the burden of our common history so often marked by misunderstanding, must today strive to be known and recognized as worshipers of God faithful to prayer, eager to uphold and live by the decrees of the Almighty, merciful and compassionate...

Among those "misunderstandings" should be included all the Crusades, the battles of Lepanto, Vienna and Belgrade among many others, and the large number of martyrs who lost their lives giving testimony to their Faith, murdered by the followers of Mohammed. This false presentation of Catholic History cannot pass without our strong protest, since we consider one of our most glorious titles to be that of militant Catholics and heirs of those heroic Crusaders.

It is useful to note, as well, that the Muslims normally call God "merciful and compassionate." So, in the last words quoted, Benedict referred to God in a way that gave his audience the false impression that Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. For a report on that visit and other parts of his speech, click here.

Below first row, a general view of the Pope delivering his speech; second row, he enters the mosque.

Benedict at the mosque in Amman 2

Photos from  Reuters
Posted June 26, 2009

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