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Linz Blessing 01

God-the-Mother's blessing in Austria
On February 14, 2009, St. Valentine's Day, a strange blessing was given in the Catholic parish of St. Francis in Wels, Diocese of Linz, Austria. To commemorate the day, the Deacon of the church, above left, and his female assistant asked attendees to come forward in couples. Placing their hands over the heads of each couple, they pronounced the following formula as if it were a blessing:

"God, Father and Mother, the reinforcing force that accompanies us, keep your protective hand over us in happy days. Lead us in uncertain times. Support us when we are weak and tired. Blow your Spirit into our relationship, so that the flame of love always blazes strongly. Keep awake in us the longing for closeness and tenderness. Bless our love. Bless the good and bad days. Bless us as a couple, so that we can be blessed for each other and for others."

So, here we find inserted into the liturgy the error that God is both Father and Mother. A doctrine certainly at variance with the dogma of the Most Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The Deacon and his liturgical companion acted with the full approval of the priest and the Bishop. Below, in another ceremony the Deacon preaches in the presence of his priest, Bishop and Archbishop.

Linz Deacon 01

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Posted October 18, 2009

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