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Jesuit performs Hindu dances in Vienna
Jesuit performs Hindu dances in Vienna
You are looking at Fr. Saju George, known as ‘the dancing Jesuit,’ performing at the Schottenkirche [Scottish Church] of Vienna on May 18, 2009. Above and below we are posting some of his half-nude poses taken from a video.

As a seminarian in India, his Jesuit superior advised him to train in Hindu dance and provided him a guru who gave him daily classes in the seminary. After many years, Fr. Saju George became an expert in the dances performed by the devadasis [the servants of God], who were women temple dancers.

Asked about his dancing, Fr. George explains that "God may be Shiva or Krishna or one of the gods of the Hindu tradition, but the underlying spirituality is lifting one's soul toward God. ... It becomes a prayer. It is like a Yoga, which takes years of commitment, and it has its own deep philosophy. As a Catholic I found that the dance may be in its traditional roots Hindu, but it had the potential to express a Catholic commitment to Jesus. ... It is a different way of preaching and evangelizing and sharing with others how the whole person can be involved in prayer and worship, through body-gestures, singing, acting."

Fr. George personally designed his silk costume, necklaces, and gold waist and ankle bracelets.

He is often invited to perform outside of India. In the last row below, a poster of his 2006 tour in England. In 2009 he was invited by the Austrian Benedictines to perform in their historic abbey church, the Schottenkirche.

We are witnessing the invasion of nudism and Hinduism into Catholic liturgy - another fruit of the inculturation of Vatican II...

A Feminine-looking Jesuit Performs a Hindu Liturgical Dance 2

A Feminine-looking Jesuit Performs a Hindu Liturgical Dance 3

A Feminine-looking Jesuit Performs a Hindu Liturgical Dance 4

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 31, 2010

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