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A dance being performed in front of the altar of San Lorenzo Church, Rome

The dancing Baptism of Carmen Russo's daughter

It took place on October 19, 2013, at San Lorenzo Church in the neighborhood of Formello, Rome. Fr. Santino Spartà celebrated the Baptism of the daughter of Carmen Russo and her husband Vicenzo Paolo Turchi. In honor of the art careers of the parents, a dance was performed in front of the altar, above. Another profanation for which reparation should be made.

But what kind of artists are the parents? Turchi is a theater dancer. Russo is a singer and a movie star, but she owes most of her fame to her work as a porno-star. Fr. Santino Sparta had no problem with this, and it did not even pass through his mind to advise the parents to have a more discreet Baptism for their daughter, given the scandalous nature of their "art."

Below first row, we notice Fr. Santino, Russo holding the baby, and her husband, to her right in this photo. In the second row at left, are the parents "at work," posing for a magazine; at right, an euphoric Fr. Santino posing with Russo. The newspaper caption reads: "I am linked by bonds of faith and friendship to Carmen Russo; the 'VIP priest,' Fr. Santino Sparta (age 69)."

Third row, John Paul II caressing Sparta's face; last three rows, Fr. Santino Sparta giving spiritual consolation to his penitents...

Pictures of Fr Santino and immodest pictures of the Russo couple Santino Sparta with his 'penitents'

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Posted December 1, 2013

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