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Carnival in Aachen 1

Immoral & ecumenical carnival in Aachen

At an ecumenical celebration for Catholics and Lutherans, two priests of Aachen, Germany, invited an evangelical minister to be present at a “Mass of Joy” on February 4, 2018.

The two priests were respectively, third row below from the left, Fr. Rene Mertens, dressed as a woman, Fr. Markus Bruns, outfitted as a joker and Protestant Martin Jordans, with a peacock feathered hat.

In the fourth to the sixth rows, we see the Protestant Martin receiving Communion.

The Mass was punctuated with dances and acrobatic shows performed by young women dressed with mini-skirts so short that no part of their legs was left hidden to the eyes of the audience.

The immoral and ecumenical notes of the “Mass of Joy,” as well as the general acceptance of it by local parishioners, confirm that the fruit of the Council is a great apostasy and allows us to see that the great chastisement predicted at Fatima cannot be far down the road.

Carnival in Aachen 2

Carnival in Aachen 3

Carnical in Aachen - 4

Carnival in Aachen 5

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Posted July 21, 2019

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.