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Progressivism in the Church

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Plastic tray Communion 1

Madeira Island adopts Communion on plastic tray

As the pandemic becomes milder and the Progressivist Sanitary Church reopens to the faithful, new disrespectful practices are being adopted.

In this Conciliar Church the supreme law is not the glory of God but the well-being of man. Consequently, irreverence and even blasphemy toward the Most Holy Sacrament is becoming even more frequent and brazen than in the pre-Covid-19 Novus Ordo Masses.

Under the pretext of avoiding contamination, we have already seen "Communion-to-go" served in paper-bags by a chaplain at the University of Munich.

Now in Madeira Island, Portugal, we see the impious/blasphemous practice of serving the Sacred Host in a plastic tray under the pretext of health concerns.

The great number of beautiful liturgical rites and manifestations of adoration with which the Catholic Church has adopted through the centuries in handling the Blessed Sacrament are disregarded with the stroke of a pen by Pope Francis and the Catholic Hierarchy in the name of a prophylaxis that has shown itself to be neither necessary nor efficient.

This pandemic has revealed that the Prelates of the Conciliar Church and its Clergy have no Catholic Faith and no care whatsoever for the souls of the faithful.

Plastic tray Communion 2
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2020

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.