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Homosexual parody Manaus 1

Blasphemous homo parody in Capuchin church

A homosexual dance group called Atelié 23 posted on Youtube on October 9, 2021 a performance that took place in St. Sebastian Church in the Brazilian city of Manaus, Amazonas.

The video is a blasphemous parody that uses the church and religious practices to promote homosexuality. The not-so-subtle parodies and intent of blasphemy can be seen in the performers making signs of the Cross and mimicking prayers during the six-minute play; the dress of the five performers also clearly imitates priestly vestments.

Further, the sketch of the play seems to be that after the singer declares himself to be a homosexual "in flesh and bone," he invites an imaginary sexual partner "to come on top of me and I will show you... [how to do it]" After this fictitious sexual relation the singer enters into a sort of ecstasy, and appears in "paradise" with his group.

If this interpretation is true, we have an exaltation of the act of sodomy presented as an elevated religious action that can bring one to Heaven.

Whether this interpretation is true or not, the indisputable fact is that a homosexual group of dancers performed inside a Catholic church mocking our Holy Faith with the permission of the religious authority – the video acknowledges and thanks Fray Paulo Xavier, the Capuchin in charge of St. Sebastian Church in Manaus.

Yesterday, some Catholics of Manaus met in front of that church to make an act of reparation for the offense to God made by that performance. We should do the same privately.

Homosexual parody Manaus 2
Photo from the Atelie 23 video


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 17, 2021

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.