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Fr. David Michael Moses 1

The mediocre Heaven of Fr. David Michael

In the wake of the Conciliar Church's "new evangelization" we have seen all kinds of extravagances.

Last July, Fr. David Michael Moses and his band of priests gave a rock concert for life in Houston. Although we all are pro-life, the fact that a group of priests would perform rock'n'roll music is against everything the Church has always preached about priestly dignity for almost two millennia. We express here our strong opposition to this desecration of the priestly mission.

However, our present aim is to say a word about the lyrics of the song What Heavens's Like that Fr. Moses sang in that concert.

For this priest, who should be a source of good doctrine on the Last Things to bring his audience to the path of virtue, Heaven is nothing but an exaltation of the petty bourgeois comforts we find in our modern society.

Heaven for him is like a good butter cookie, an ice cream on a hot day, a drive in a car enjoying the fresh air, or a party that never ends, among many other such banalities.

In this song there is nothing about the transcendence of eternal life where the Saints enjoy the beatific vision, which is the eternal contemplation of God's infinite Wisdom and Holiness.

It is difficult to find a more mediocre presentation of Heaven. Such a view can only attract persons turned toward enjoying the present day life. In our opinion, this song is repugnant to those who have elevated ideals and noble aspirations. No love of the Cross, no sense of sacrifice, no dedication to the Church: A false and pagan presentation of Eternal Life.

It is, however, a good expression of what the Conciliar Church desires: To divert attention from Heaven and focus on having every possible pleasure in this life.

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 11, 2022

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.