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Progressivism in the Church

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Church Revolution in Pictures

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Nun and monk get married 1

English Carmelite monk & nun marry

In religion he was Monk Robert in the Carmelite Friary at Oxford and she was Sister Mary Elizabeth in the Carmelite Convent at Preston in Northern England.

One day Monk Robert went to say Mass at the Preston Carmelite Convent and stayed for a meal. The Mother Superior asked Sister Mary Elizabeth to accompany her in assisting the Monk as he ate. The Mother had to leave for a long telephone call. The two remained together until he finished eating and left. She showed him out.

Some days later, he sent her a card asking her to leave the religious life and marry him... After some hesitation, she ended by accepting. Why not, when the Conciliar Church is always stressing that Religious Orders must adapt to the Modern World?

In the world, they returned to their pre-religious names, Robert Opala and Lisa Tinkler, and got married, first row below. During the process of leaving their religious vocations they also left the Catholic Church. They apostatized and entered the Anglican Sect. Today, he is a Rector at Hutton Rudby and she became a Chaplain in a hospital, also in North Yorkshire, last row below. Why not, when the Conciliar Church is always stressing that the Anglicans and Catholics will both go to Heaven?

These are the rotten fruits of Vatican II's adaptation to the world and ecumenism, bad teachings of the Progressivism that has infiltrated the Catholic Church.

NUn and monk get married 2

Photos from BBC News by Ian Forsyth, sent by a reader


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 22, 2023

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.