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Indian priest dances at Epiphany 1

Tell us who this dancing priest in India is

A friend sent us this video of a dancing priest in India, but the facts are scanty. The video tells us that the priest is dancing at St. Joseph Shrine in Meppadi, in the state of Kerala, India, for a jubilee celebration.

The date is January 28, 2023, the show was performed to the beat of Pala Palli Thiruppalli, a syncretist song written by The Soul of Folk. If we are not mistaken, the dance we are seeing is a new Kerala youth dance called Polichuu which is Malaysian in inspiration. The song includes local Hindu elements, an energetic beat and sensual gestures. In the movie Kaduva it was performed to promote the Epiphany festival at St. Thomas Cathedral in Pala, also known as Rakkuli Thirunal.

We know that the dancing Catholic priest has become a common sight in India as well as in the Western religious culture. The final result is that the dignity and sacrality of the priesthood have almost completely vanished.

Without a doubt this has been one of the objectives of the enemies for a long time. This aggiornamento – adaptation to the modern world – adopted by Vatican II and the Conciliar Popes could not displease those same enemies...

But so far we have been unable to identify the dancing priest.
Can you help us?

Indian priest dances at Epiphany 3

 Indian priest dances at Epiphany 1

. Indian priest dances at Epiphany 4

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 12, 2023

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.