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Homo Jesus art in the European Parliament

Blasphemous photos in the European Parliament

Above you see a photo displaying a naked black man laying on a white banner in a crucified position; atop and alongside him is a naked white man. It is a blasphemous allusion to Our Lord Jesus Christ being a homosexual.

This photo is one of the "artistic" photos by Elisabeth Ohlson, a Swedish photographer invited to expose her works in the lobby of the European Parliament in Brussels. Below first and second rows you see the photographer at the launching of her display.

The exposition took place from May 2 to 5 and opened with a reception hosted by Malin Bjork, a member of the European Parliament from the Swedish Left Party.

The same photographer displayed another of her blasphemous photos featuring a Jesus surrounded by seven men dressed as sado-masochist addicts, third and fourth rows. It is a direct offense against Christ and the Apostles.

If any doubt could exist in the mind of a viewer that those representations were meant to represent Our Lord, Ohlson herself clarified her intent. As a matter of fact, she clearly affirmed that these pictures are of "Jesus loving the LGBT rights."

So far, we could not find any record of the religious authorities from Brussels or the Vatican protesting against these photos...

Homo Jesus art in  European Parliament 2
Masochist Jesus art in European Parliament 
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Posted May 14, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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