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Pope with Dragon

Pope brings the Chinese Dragon to life

On February 2, 2024, Pope Francis watched the show of a folkloric group that performed the dances of an allegoric dragon and lion during an audience at the Clementine Hall, as shown on this page.

The performance was to commemorate the Chinese New Year, which starts on February 10 under the sign of the dragon: The Chinese call it the Year of the Dragon.

The show was sponsored by the Italy-China National Federation (Federazione Nazionale Italia Cina) whose 10th anniversary was also being celebrated. One of its members solicited the Pope to paint the red dot on the Dragon's eyes, above, which symbolizes that the Pontiff was awakening it and bringing it to life.

In a brief speech Francis thanked the artists for the show, encouraged the Italian-Chinese relations and promoted the cultural integration of the two countries.

Besides being an approval of a pagan tradition, there is another disturbing consequence of this papal encouragement. For the last 10 years China has been entering into and taking over the Italian business world; so, the words of the Pope sound like an endorsement of this invasion and an incentive to achieve this process.

Finally, the progressivist Pope, who symbolically wanted to give life to the Chinese Dragon, "forgot" that in Catholic iconography the Dragon is symbol of the Devil, who was prophesied to be defeated by Our Lady and kept chained in the abyss for 1,000 years in the era of peace following the Great Chastisement that is coming, two last rows.

Pope with dragon 2

Photos from L'Osservatore Romano & Internet

Posted February 4, 2024


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