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Rabbis meet with Francis

Bergoglio receives 'dove' rabbis

In a clear reaction against the hawk Jews in Israel who have been criticizing Pope Francis and other Vatican officials for referring to the "massacre" Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians and the affirmation "terrorism should not combated with terrorism," a group of "dove" rabbis went to visit Francis at Casa Santa Marta on February 15, 2024, to express gratitude.

The gratitude was not, however, for those strong papal expressions, it was rather for the change of attitude of the Church about the Jews in the last 60 years since the Declaration Nostrae aetate in Vatican II and for the constant combat Francis wages against ant-Semitism and anti-Judaism.

The rabbis delivered a letter to Bergoglio that ends with these words: "we are united to you Holy Father in praying for peace, for the end of the terror, for the healing of the wounded and the comfort of all those who are in affliction and grieve."

It is another confirmation that Progressivism and Judaism walk hand in hand. Birds of a feather flock together...

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Posted February 25, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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