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The Two Sister Lucy’s Theory

Brief Chronicle of Events

February 26, 2005: Forebodings about the Death of Sister Lucy - Sister Lucy has died. Dr. Marian T. Horvat writes an article expressing concern over the sudden and unexpected death of Sister Lucy of Fatima. Why was her illness kept quiet until her death? Didn't Jacinta, one of the seers of Fatima, urge Sister Lucy to speak when the time would come? Why are there contradictions in the message of the third secret? Are we still on the cusp of the Great Chastisement foretold by Our Lady of Fatima? With the mysterious death of Sr. Lucy these questions may not come to light until it is too late...

Questions are raised

April 5, 2006: Two Sister Lucy's of Fatima - Dr. Horvat analyzes  the discrepencies between the photographs of young Sister Lucy of Fatima and those of the old, published in the March 2006 edition of Inside the Vatican.

April 11, 2006: Wildfire Spreading Over Sister Lucy's Photos - The controversy erupts into a wildfire. Mr. Lima of Portugal identifies the older picture of Sister Lucy as Mother Maria Celina of Jesus Crucified. Other readers write in supporting that the photograph cannot be Sister Lucy. Inside the Vatican acknowledges its mistake in the photograph. The old sister Lucy is actually Mother Celina, superior of the Carmelite convent in Coimbra. However, the idea of an imposter is launched.

April 14, 2006 You are Conspiracy Maniacs: A reader vehemently opposes the suggestion of an imposter sister Lucy. The reader presents an apology from ITV magazine showing that there previously published photograph was in fact, Mother Celina. The reader builds on this mistake to suggest that anyone who raises the possibility of two sister Lucys is a conspiracy maniac, whilst admitting that they never believed the original photos were of Sister Lucy. Atila Guimaraes responds with several arguments in pointing out that until ITV admitted its error that there was no choice but to believe they were being genuine. Guimaraes suggests that more photos be investigated to settle the matter definitively.

April 21, 2006 The Controversy Grows: TIA receives more comments from readers on the matter. A reader defends that there is a fraud by stating that St. Pius X admitted there are conspiracies in the Church. A portrait artist asserts that the older and younger sister Lucy cannot be the same person, and a reader finds evidence proving that Sister Lucy did not die in 1949. More photo comparisons are made with readers taking both sides.

The controversy takes off

April 27, 2006 Photos and Facts: The controversy over an imposter of Sister Lucy grows. Dr. Horvat publishes an article addressing objections and giving side-by-side comparisons of the younger Sister Lucy with the older using a variety of photograps. The significant differences between the smile, the eyes, and other facial traits of the older and younger nun strongly indicate two persons. The possibility of dentures being responsible for the discrepencies is discussed. The older (potentially imposter) Sister Lucy in photographs following the 1960's is now called Sister Lucy II for the sake of convenience in the on-going discussion.

May 1, 2006 Readers Concur on Two Sister Lucys: TIA readers increasingly agree that Sister Lucy I and II are different people. One opinion comes from an unbiased professional photographer. Another reader calls for a forensic study.

May 9, 2006 The Opinion of Experts on the Two Lucys: A reader consults five professional photographers who unanimously assert that Lucy I and Lucy II are not the same person. A dentist chimes in to agree that the teeth and facial muscles could not change so dramatically in a person even if they underwent dental surgery. Atila Guimaraes discusses with readers the ethical and religious implications of an imposter Sister Lucy.

May 18, 2006 The Anathemas of John Grasmeier: Matt Abbot and John Grasmeier of the Angelqueen website attack TIA and label the Sister Lucy discussion a conspiracy mania. Grasmeier asserts that family members would recognize an imposter Sister Lucy, that the Traditionalist movement must be wary of becoming too extremist or conspiratorial, and that the Sister Lucy conspiracy is implictly accusing the Vatican of kidnapping/murder. Grasmeier ends his attack by asserting that TIA should be avoided unless it repents of its position. Guimaraes answers each of these attacks, citing the rules of conteplatives that prevent intimate family contact, that Sister Lucy became impossible to contact for several years, and that Grasmeier is over estimating his own authority on religious matters. Guimaraes answers the kidnapping/murder controversy by citing how the vow of obedience can and has been used to eliminate religious without any need to resort to force.

May 25, 2006 Compliments for Guimaraes' Response to John Grasmeier: Writers send in congratulations, agreement, and support for Guimaraes refuting the attacks of John Grasmeier.

May 29, 2006 Readers Against John Grasmeier: More writers come forward against the uncharitable and presumptuous character of Grasmeier's attack. A dental surgeon supports the Sister Lucy II theory. The Daily Catholic sides with TIA against Grasmeiers uncharitable attacks as more readers come out with warnings about Angelqueen. One reader raises questions on the privacy of Sister Lucy's convent as Mel Gibson had the chance to visit her, and Guimaraes responds by defending that contact is not impossible, but rather that intimate contact where a family member could recognizably see her face is very difficult

June 5, 2006 Readers Raise More Questions: A reader who was a press agent at the Papal visit of Pope John Paul II to Fatima positively asserts that the woman who met with the Pope was Sister Lucy II, and raises the possibility that the real Sister Lucy died some time ago. A competent portrait artist agrees that there are two Lucys, and anothe reader points out that a layman who doubted Sister Lucy's identity in the past is vindicated by this modern controversy.

June 29, 2006 Sister Lucy at the Word Processor: Photographs of Sister Lucy II at a word processor lead readers to increasingly question the stark differences in bearing and personailty of Lucy I and II. Two readers give their thanks to TIA for being the ones to raise this issue to begin with.

Two Sister Lucys confirmed

October 15, 2013 Photographic Studies Confirm Two Sister Lucys: Several years after the beginning of the controversy the Servants of the Holy Family hire an independent company specializing in age progression and regression forensics to analyze pictures of the two Sister Lucys. The dramatic results confirm speculation; Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II are different people. Guimaraes highlights and discusses the contrast for the benefit of readers.

November 27, 2013 Mysteries Around the Two Sister Lucys: Homer Sweeney writes an article summarizing the series of events regarding the Two Sister Lucys Theory. He thoughtfully raises concerns over what ramifications this controversy has for Catholics such as; How could the Church allow such a deception? Who trained the new sister Lucy? Did Pope John Paul II know he was perpetuated a charade when he publicly met with Sister Lucy II? Sweeney points out the ample evidence for a silencing and coverup of the Fatima seer, as well as the evidence that she may have died much earlier than Sister Lucy II. Such ramifications do not bode well for the faithful, and only lead us to the message of Sister Lucy I; do not wait for Rome to urge penance, the great apostasy shall begin at the top.

June 19, 2023 ‘There Are Two Sister Lucys’:Powerful Conclusion of a Forensic Professional: Dr. Marian Horvat congratulates forensic sculptor Prof. Carlos Bezerra for his Anatomical Report published on Sister Lucy Truth. Based on two sets of photographs of the nuns (one pre-1957, and the other post-1967), he modeled two three-dimensional sculptures. His conclusion:“I state beyond doubt ...that they are not the same person, because there are insuperable differences throughout the bone structure of the faces, which cannot be explained in any other way.”

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