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The Real Third Secret of Fatima

Brief Chronicle of Events

An alleged Third Secret

April 27, 2010 The Real Third Secret of Fatima? - A reader from Portugal submits a facsimile of what may be the actual Third Secret of Fatima. The text differs significantly from the secret officially released by the Vatican in 2000. TIA posts this to promote discussion on the possibility that it may be the true Third Secret, and that the Vatican published a fraud.

May 2, 2010 The Pope with Devilish Eyes - The alleged Third Secret speaks of a Pope with evil eyes. As a contribution to the ongoing discussion on the subject Atila Guimaraes submits photographs of the gaze and eyes of Pope Benedict XVI.

The controversy grows

May 4, 2010 More Data Sheds Light on the Third Secret - Readers weigh in with data and observations to support and oppose the Text. An additional translation is provided, the cornerstone from St. Peter's being moved to Fatima as the prophecy demanded is confirmed, and accounts given by those who have seen the original secret are analyzed.

May 6, 2010 Three Different Secrets: Readers discuss a handwriting analysis of the Two Sister Lucy's, yet another possible Third Secret, the use of Spanish grammar in the fascimile, and how this may tie in to the Two Sister Lucy theory.

May 9, 2010 The Churches of Hell: TIA publishes photographs of modern churches that may match the "church of hell" description in the alleged Third Secret.

May 13, 2010 Third Secret Opinions and Questions: Readers present their opinions, raise questions on the facsimile's origin, warnings about the suspicious apparitions of Medjugorje, and Fr. Malachi Martin's involvement with the Secret.

May 25, 2010 Objections and Answers on the Third Secret: Atila Guimaraes gives his opinion on the evil eyes of the Pope, and a reader reports a message from the Fatima center claiming that there were two copies written of the Third Secret. The facsimile's lack of folding creases is discussed. A reader presents an interview in which Pope Benedict talks dismissively of Fatima.

June 3, 2010 ‘Ugly Church’ and Church Authority Transferred to Fatima : Guimaraes offers an interpretation of the 'ugly church' passage, the authority of Rome being transferred to Our Lady of Fatima is speculated, and another reader points out the seventh as of yet unfulfilled apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

June 22, 2010 Advocating the Authenticity of the Third Secret: A reader posits five reasons in favor of the facsimile. TIA presents a message from the "Fatima Movement" giving the history, background, and circumstances surrounding the Third Secret.

Doubts beginning to spread

July 15, 2010 Third Secret: It Is Fake! It Is Authentic!: Readers question if the cornerstone was moved to Fatima, object to Our Lady stating the name of a future Pope, and raise doubts about the validity of the officially released secret. Other readers raise questions regarding the possibility of an imposter Sister Lucy.

August 12, 2010 Eight Objections to the Third Secret: A reader presents eight objections to the authenticity of the Third Secret and Mr Atila Guimaraes responds.

September 2, 2010 Forensics vs. Photoshop: Atila Guimaraes presents his serious misgivings regarding tampering on the alleged Third Secret, as well as reasons why the Vatican might intentionally leak an adulterated version of the authentic text.

September 23, 2010 Malachi Martin & the Third Secret: A reader posts a 1995 interview from Fr. Malachi Martin, who has read the orignal Third Secret, discussing its contents. Guimaraes offers interpretations that match the alleged Third Secret facsimile on TIA. Other readers pose doubts and questions regading the Third Secret, with responses from Guimaraes.

October 12, 2010 Second Interview of Malachi Martin on the Third Secret: A 1998 interview with Fr. Malachi Martin reveals more the nature of the original message. Atila Guimaraes addresses each point of the interview and gives his analysis, comparing the April 2010 text with the points covered by Fr. Martin

November 16, 2010 The Alleged Third Secret of Fatima: A native of Portugal writes his analysis of the document, concluding that it is likely an aduletarted version of the real Third Secret, and that the Vatican has released it to spread confusion around the real Fatima messages regarding a great apostasy.

The controversy continues

December 21, 2010 Discussion Continues on the ‘Third Secret’: Discussion continues on the Third Secret with readers supporting and opposing its authenticity. A potentially different Third Secret is proposed, and another reader concludes how the Secret corresponds to the apostasy of the Church. The matter continues to ellicit concern and fascination from readers the world over.

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Articles in the Controversy

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burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes   Advocating the Authenticity of the Third Secret

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burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes   Forensics vs. Photoshop

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burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes   The Alleged Third Secret of Fatima

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