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Holy Week Liturgy

Terra Tremuit

Terra Tremuit - 'The Earth Trembled' - is an antiphon of Maundy Thursday and the Offertory for Easter. In Easter the final Alleluia is added to the antiphon. It is sung on Maundy Thursday as a prevision of what will happen on Good Friday and Easter.

This Psalm foretells the earthquake that happened when Our Lord died, which was a prefigure of the Final Judgment. At the end times, when evil humanity will consider itself secure and be unmindful of the wrath of God, Our Lord will return. On that dreadful day the very foundations of the earth will be shaken, and Christ, in solemn majesty, will judge the wickedness of men.

Listen to Terra Tremuit

Latin Lyrics:

Terra tremuit et quievit,
Dum exsurgeret in Judicio Deus.

English Translation:

The earth trembled and became still again,
When God arose in judgment.


Terre Tremuit musical notation

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King David playing the harp

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