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Reges Tharsis

Epiphany Offertory Chant

Reges Tharsis (“The Kings of Tharsis”) is the offertory chant for the Mass of the Epiphany of Our Lord. It recalls the gifts of the three Magi, who offered gold, frankincense and myrrh as homage to the Christ Child.

The chant reminds us that all temporal powers – high and low – owe their worship and submission to Him, He Who is the Supreme King of Heaven and Earth and the Source of all earthly authority.

Reges Tharsis is interpreted here by the British choir, Pro Cantione Antiqua.

Listen to Reges Tharsis


Latin text

Reges Tharsis et insulae,
Munera offerent,
Reges Arabum et Saba,
Dona (domino Deo) adducent.
Et adorabunt Eum,
Omnes reges terrae,
Omnes gentes servient ei.

English translation:

The kings of Tharsis and the isle,
Offer their gifts,
The kings of Arabia and Sheba,
Bring gifts (to the Lord God).
And will adore Him,
All the kings of the earth,
All peoples will serve Him.

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Reges Tharsis
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Kings adoring the Divine Infant

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